Not receiving top 500?

Hey there,
I have played 25 games of competitive this season for tank with my phone number attached to my account. My sr is currently 4038 which is in top 500, but I didn’t get into top 500?
Is there something im missing?

I have images of my current SR and images of the SR gap in T500 right now if needed. I can’t include them in this post it wont let me.

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Did you already have your phone number attached to the account or did you do it recently after those 25 games?

If you did it after those 25 games it means you need to play those again sadly enough.

If you did have it attached before your 25 matches then there’s another issue that can occur.
The 25 minimum can fluctuate every now and then, meaning you have to play a few more games to activate top500 status.

i am having the same problem too my combined Sr should qualify me to top 300 in competitive and my number is verified please help me

Have you played 25 matches per role?