Now entering Paris


The map is broken for sure, ask any serious Overwatch player, and the reasons why are hysterically stupid;

2 Maps that I have been introduced to the game post release date have been altered, Eichenwalde and Horizon: Lunar Colony, if you can’t remember or just are unaware as to why then here are the reasons. Horizon had little to no cover on both point A and B with a pathetic amount of highground for the defensive team. Eichenwalde had only 1 choke enterance on Point A, as well as having 2 tiny doors on the main gate and 1 door for higher mobility characters. Now we suffer from having 3 of these same problems in Paris. Hardly any cover (especially on point B) and no high ground at all, it also suffers from 1 choke point on point A, which we all know is the main issue.

What baffles me is that Eichenwalde had 1 choke point on point A with 2 alternate enterances for high mobility (over the buildings directly between the point and spawn, as well as the famous eichenwalde gap that takes you behind the gate), with this they very quickly realised that maybe 1 more door would make attacking easier. They did something similar at point B where the gates used to shut after pushing the payload through, they no longer close and rubble has replaced the small enterance on the top of the gate because there wasn’t enough access to the final point. They fixed point A before the map was even added to live servers and fixed the gate before the final point roughly 6 months after release.

It took them a year to fix Horizon, however the complete rework is great.

Despite these issues with Eichenwalde, which are way less severe than point A of Paris, Blizzard still deemed it appropriate to impliment Paris in to the game despite having the same issues, but yet they were horrifically more severe. 1 small choke point and 1 alternate enterance for high mobility characters. This is a laughing matter, whoever was head of map design clearly needed to think about this more, the devs should work closer with professional players too and gain their opinions before releasing a map.

As I stated, map issues have been fixed before and (until the release of Paris) I believed all the maps were all up to a great standard, I only hope that the team has the time and resources to be working on this issue. Despite this, they should listen to the community anyway and remove Paris from comp play until it is fixed. All they need is way more access to point A.


Yeaaaaa, it’s a very similar situation to old Eichenwalde.

You can bust Paris point A by splitting the attention of the defenders through the left and right interior areas and/or jumping behind/into them. This is also a strong Pharah point, flying over the roof on the left just like Eichenwalde point A was/is.

Not an impossible point to crack by any means, but there might be grounds to open up an extra path through that initial choke point like they did with Eichenwalde.


Pro tip for Paris, always have this sentence ready to spam at the beginning of the match :
“Someone skip please I’ll paypal 20€”

It works pretty often.