Off tank and healers joining as dps


so the long que time for dps makes people que as tank or healer and go full out dps as off tank or moira/birgitte.
not even possible to get into a decent game any longer where people play seriosly on competitive. same thing every game moira/birgitte dps every game.


Maybe you should queue as a tank or healer if you think those roles are so easy. Personally I’ve been playing all three roles for years, and there are bad players in every role from what I’ve seen. Weirdly the toxicity is always towards DPS players though.


what are u even talking about?


He’s saying that people are queueing as suppor and tank, but don’t play as support or tank - they just play to get high elims and do damage. Moira’s are a good example - never heal and just focus on getting kills. Or D.Va overextending etc etc