Official OW European YT channels (other languages) abandoned completely!

You know, in Europe youtube is used a lot to follow the news, perhaps more than twitter. However, since the Blizzard scandal in August … we have been COMPLETELY isolated from any update in the various languages for the game: overwatchIT, OverwatchFR, OverwatchRu, OverwatchEs, OverwatchDe … all completely stopped at the announcement of the Ashe challenge. the same are local social networks like fb and tw.

personally I liked to see these wonderful trailers in my language (Italian) but now if before I felt like an F-series player due to the very few European teams in the OWL … now I feel that we Europeans are completely ignored by a simple montage in their own language.

but never that the Overwatch KR youtube channel does not have perfectly synchronized updates. I have nothing against South Korean fandom but it does not seem fair to me to treat ourselves very differently from the rest of the world, to us Europeans. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

And also… Someone haven’t news about localization of the book Deadlock rebels (in french, espanol, ecc.) From me in Italy nothing :disappointed:

Greetings @Mefionir, I undrstend you,but,in case you didn’t know,the best Overwatch players are exactly from China/Korea ,some of them from the U.S.A.Cheers!