Ok, comp is still completely bugged, just tested it

I ranked on my 3300 acc and got “gold 3” lmao!
Definitely still bugged, do NOT play comp if you don’t wanna end up in an annoying grindfest until you get good matches again.
I got several gold tanks on my team while enemy team had diamond tanks, just wtf is that, esp. if you only have 1 tank that’s a total no-go. Also in one game we had silver and diamond (yes dia, not plat!) both in the match even, How stupid is blizz??? That should not remotely be possible.
Comp at this point is complete randomized bs and I don’t think it’s worth investing any effort until it’s fixed.

Also, friend of mine who was in plat now hit silver 5 aka bronze-silver, lmao. He’s stopping too until fixed, cause silver is unplayable waste of time for him.

Can confirm, was placed Silver 5 on my 3100 account as tank after stomping 7 matches.

You guys are such a grandmasters. If you are a such a good players as you describe then just win matches and climb up

They literally said when it was announced you’d be placed lower and the onus would be on you to work up

Stop coping, start climbing.

I was plat, got silver 5. Climbed so far.

Blizzard set up the old to carry/show the fresh accounts that they too can win and get better and beat the odds… And how would they know what skins are popular if they were just playing with other fresh accounts? They need those OW1 vets to advertise for them. It’s not about encouraging fun game play it’s all about squeezing $$$. Toxicity leads to retail therapy in the form of $20 skins.