"OK I stay spawn then"

Some people can’t take criticism. This dude takes Reaper and has 0 medals, when called out to try and focus tanks, he just said “OK I stay spawn then” and stood at spawn emoting all game. This game is unplayable in the weekends because of these kids :stuck_out_tongue:

Ez report I guess…

Those are mostly adults with childish mentality who after a week of work try to vent their frustration in the game :smiley:


At least they are not feeding ult charge like the rest of the team I guess…

And they picked Reaper, most of the time they do more staying in spawn.

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So you got punished for toxicity i guess, that’s pretty fair. Hope he reported you also

depends on the rank i’d say.
reaper is plenty good at lower ranks, it’s just a range thing that keeps him in a bad spot in higher ranks where pretty much tracer takes over his niché of close quarter high dps character in most cases.

I kind of agree.

I’d probably change it to… It is easier to get value from Reaper in lower ranks.

But that is mostly because people don’t pick heroes CC, or have limited hand eye coordination so can’t use it efficiently.

Reaper is still pretty bad.

Kids… Or stubborn adults throwing a hissy fit because they didn’t get their own way.


Hmmm, I’m going to say on the basis of probability that you probably said a little bit more than “focus tanks” to get that response from them. I believe that because of how you worded this post. You “called them out”, so it was you that initiated the disagreement. You’ve then gone on to use the term of “these kids” in an insulting, belittling manner followed by a smiley face emote. I’m not assuming your age, but that’s kinda childish on your part.
It simply doesn’t matter that someone isn’t as good at the game as you think they should be, and it’s certainly not a legitimate reason to report them.
Seen as though it’s very difficult to know if this person voiced their issue with you as you have done here with them, then I think it’s best just to try and learn a lesson…Don’t call people out just because they’re not as good at the game as you want them to be and maybe they won’t stay in spawn.

lol, I had my own angry boi today, some dude on Hamster got mad because I wasn’t following him all the time and healing exclusively him, so he chooses to walk in front of me the whole two game and block my view.

People like him should be perma banned from Comp.

Or just heal him and get on with the game?

while annoying, yes, instances like the one you described happen very rarely. Maybe 1/25 games I’ll see a team mate who will get so sensitive and offended by the rest of the team even mentioning that they switch or maybe try a different approach. I had a Widow on my team once who wasn’t in vc, and was getting killed over and over by the enemy Widow. After the 4th death I just wrote in chat “hey widow, can you try another hero? you keep getting picked off”, and after about 5 seconds, they d/c and left the game, and this was in comp.

like i get it, you don’t want to lose because the widow can’t get that pick on the enemy widow, but that’s the only way a widow actually becomes better is when they have to play under pressure against widows that are better than them.

but still they should have said something but i guess they hear it pretty often and was just tired of it to the point they just didn’t want to play anymore.

I was doing my job the entire two rounds, despite him sabotaging us and blocking my view for the entire two round. He is the only one who didn’t play, but GJ on your part to simp with a childish troll :rofl:

Lol. Why always toxic.

“Doing your job” is probably not 100% accurate though. You’re not very high ranked, which means you won’t be optimising things.

If there is anything toxic here, it’s your ignorant assumptions and bad logic which you are using to argue just for the sake of arguing because you can’t stand to not have a last word.

But go ahead, and keep telling me how I’m the problem when someone else sabotages the game for the entire two rounds, lol

He’s a sad forum bully mate don’t even bother him. He loves Blizzard so much he’s usually in denial most of the cases.


I see he’s still being toxic and being blinded about it.

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It’s amazing that you can be so sure you were playing well…

Then when someone suggest just getting on either the game, they are the one in the wrong lol.

If someone wants to afk, throw, whatever. There is nothing you can do. Crying, being toxic back none of this does anything except make you look daft. You’re attitude doesn’t make you the problem, it makes you an additional problem. One that is probably more annoying to those in your game.

Just get on with the game. Take the L if that’s what happens. Avoid them, report and move on.

It’s more amazing that you are using your ignorance as argument to argue that you know better to what happened in the game in which you didn’t participate.

You deserve a medal for that

Comedy at/@ its finest

Thats pretty much icing on the cake