Old people LF other old people (GOLDish)



We are a team of roughly three 35 - 45 year olds that play competitive overwatch.
Levels range from around 2000 to 2800. Main accounts are around the 2300 range.
Im starting to feel that playing with randoms is holding back our progress due to lack of comms, and a lack of consistency in hero picks/flexing.

what we want:

  • mature (old is better but we can work with 20 plus)
  • top end silver through to gold competitive ranking
  • can flex - no one tricks unless you play Mercy (:p)
  • looking to progress up the ranks but realistic about what can be achieved
  • EU timezone
  • English speaking/understanding
  • mic, or ability to listen if that is a little scary!

what we are:

  • old
  • male
  • swear a lot
  • grumpy
  • not thirsty
  • inclusive but a little non-PC

so there it is, hmu on PSN Mr_luvaluva if any of this sounds like you.

/watches tumbleweed


46 year old support player.
Add me # EvilMondo


Not sure if you’re still looking for players. But, I think I fit your team comp if you’re still looking for people.

My psn is Lt_Shmoopy

I’m low platinum rank at last count 2600sr, and play support / tank.


Still need ‘old’ people??


I’m looking for something similar to this add me if you like stomper1984 if you need support player


What time zone are you playing? I’m from England