Opinion time, Reaper vs Winston

Does Reaper Counter Winston? or does he not?
what do you think?

Soft counter at best. And only if you’re playing against a monkey that has bad cooldown usage.

Reaper isn’t that a good counter to tanks in general.

Every tank can keep him at distance, bar Rein.

ok, thanks for answer, i hope more will chime in on this :slight_smile:

I should add, I’ve based this on a straight 1v1. Like a custom head to head.

I’m not sure he’d beat any consistently 1v1.

do judge it on both, 6v6 and 1v1 because those two scenarios does happen in a match if you want to be specific.

just curious to who thinks what.

If I was to judge on 6v6. All players equal skill, doing the basics of their role…

Reaper counters absolutely nothing. Please swap and play something else. Lol.

mhm, interesting.

Just imagine. You’re playing with people that want to play “properly”, so will play the best heroes for the job.

So you roll out with Orissa, Sigma, Bap, Brig. Reaper will do nothing to you except chip dmg shields.

Sadly the game is strong on ranged spam right now. So Reaper isn’t much kop unless the enemy is playing with their eyes closed.

Reaper can remove Winston from jumping in for kills, but it would also stop Reaper from being anyhow useful in the match otherwise. What’s more Winston still can provide some value with his bubble and poke damage contrariwise to Reaper who in order to provide needs to be close to the enemies, ergo needs to engage, ergo needs to leave his backline, ergo allow Winston to jump them and do his job.

That’s an example of a Monkey with bad cooldown usage.

If you know a Reaper is on the field you don’t jump to him, or you save jumps to keep distance.

A monkey playing badly/inefficiently will be soft countered by all heros though.

(Side note, Brig is better an stopping a monkey dive than Reaper)

Depends. If Reaper is playing VS Dive, then yes.
In that role, he is a bodyguard. He will play near the supports and the moment you get close with Winston is ggs.

Outside that scenario? Not really. But Winston will have to play around him. If he gets into Reaper range, its 90% going to the Respawn room.

Pure 1v1 yeah off course reaper wins big time. Winstons jump out when they face reaper and reapers pray Winston is on CD.
Just look at the raw damage numbers.

Jumping on reaper is usually a bad idea but if reaper isn’t full hp then the jump plus some dmg might kill him.
There are waayy better targets for Winston and for Reaper Winston is a good target.

Every hero/Character has a strength &/and weekness