Outside-of-game profile won't update


My main account (Randomnesss9#2280) doesn’t want to sync its information with the online account information. I frequently check Overbuff (a 3rd party site to look at stats) but it has suddenly stopped working for me. I looked into this and found that the account’s career profile on the Blizzard website also hasn’t updated for whatever reason. I’ve tried logging out/in both here on the website and in the Battle net launcher to no avail. If anyone can help fix this that would be great.

(I’m posting this on my second account because my main has glitched parental controls set on it despite me never even setting them in the first place. It doesn’t let me access them so I have to use this account)

EDIT: It’s fixed now.


Is your profile private? Overbuff can’t see it if it’s private.


I know, and it’s not private