Overtime needs to deduct from timebank

current system:

both teams get 8 minutes to attempt map and are scored based on how long it takes

team A attacks first. team B is able to defend for six minutes, leaving team A with two minutes on the clock

team B attacks second. team A successfully stops them at first and delays overtime for three minutes before team B takes the point. team A then defends for a total of nine minutes, leaving team B with three minutes on the clock

despite defending the payload for a longer period of time, team A is penalised because they stalled team B during overtime.

whilst the live-play ramifications of overtime are fine, time spent in overtime should be deducted from the final time bank awarded to the team for a more fair match scoring overall. currently there’s no reward for successful play on the part of either team during early OT as long as the point is eventually taken.

I feel like there are far more serious issues with this game (matchmaking, balancing) than overtime… If they don’t address those issues, I don’t think you have any chance for them looking at things like this.

For me overtime system is just fine tbh

I actually think your concern would be eased by nerfing healing overall.