Overwatch 2 thoughts

For my sins I love overwatch. I’m not brilliant at FPS games but overwatch allows me to play tank and heal where I’m not great at dps so it’s a game where I can be involved. By the sounds of the feedback by the pros, overwatch 2 is hearing towards favouring dps (shock) and being tanks and healers. If I wanted to play a dps game I’d go play COD, Fortnite or Apex because it sounds like that’s the direction overwatch is going.
Are you also going to address the fact that Sombre in OW2, by the pros own admission, is broken? Hell, pat way through the demo stream they ALL agreed not to play her because of how broken she was!
Also, will you be releasing info on other revamps to characters or showcasing any new characters anytime soon?
I do have thoughts on what you could do with sombre but would be good to see if you change her kit first.

On sombra… being ridiculously op now is fine, it is easier tone heroes down than it is to power them up.

Plus most of the heros in those matches were on OW1 balance. So when they are all sorted, she might not seem so bad.

playing Mei Zen looks like a no brainer atm.

Thoughts on OW2, it should be a game mode implemented into the current OW game. It’s not even a new game. Same heroes, same game mechanics, just 5 v 5 and smaller maps.

Oh, it is going to feel very different.

People who are “bad” at the game now, and overly reliant on passive cheese bunkers to get jobs done are going to really struggle to adjust.

Most heroes will have adjusted mechanics, or completely reworked mechanics (Doom, Mei, Brig, Bastion for example).

OW2 is getting a lot of big upgrades actually:

  • new sound engine
  • new weapon sounds, models, animations
  • new player models, animations
  • new single player game mode with character progression

Overwatch is the triple A shooter with the best value for money, by far. OW1 got tons of new maps, heroes, game modes, skins, etc. in its lifetime for free. Look at Call of Duty: every year you have to pay up 60 bucks, if not more, for new multiplayer maps, and the old content becomes obsolete because nobody will play it anymore. In CS:GO, new maps are very rare, and skins cost RL money. Rainbow Six Siege has a good amount of free content, but you only get operators for free if you gring a ton, otherwise you need to throw in somw RL money.

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Well, personally I’m not a fan of the changes Blizzard are making, so I won’t be buying it anyway.

I’m still not seeing where a new game really is here. Even if I just address the point’s you’ve made.

“New sound engine”…Wow, new sounds.
“New weapon sounds, models, animations”…Wow, new weapon sounds, new skins and cosmetics.
“New player models, animations”…Wow, new player skins and cosmetics.
“New single player game mode with character progression”…This is literally the only thing you brought up that qualifies as new game content. The issue is I simply don’t care about it. I play OW because it’s a multiplayer. If I want to play a RPG I’ll play a RPG. It’s kinda like if Epic Games announced they were releasing Fortnite 2. It’s going to sound different, it’s got new skins, cosmetics and animations. Oh, and there’s a story mode with character progression. Just nah. It just doesn’t qualify as a new game, and neither does OW2. It’s a payday for the thirsty devs, and nothing else.

i like the new 1 tank thing, but i still feel that supports are mostly just about healing more so than the utility they bring.

just wish they would do more tank changes overall.
but in general i think one less player on the field makes a lot of sense because of the amount of random stuff flying at you from every direction, limiting that to some degree i think is a smart move.

just curious what they are gonna do with tanks in general, because i doubt tanks is a problem because they are what they are, i think it’s mostly a gameplay issue where they don’t feel as rewarding to play as some other characters.

for example winston, it’s great he gets a decent range skill shot but as it stands right now, much of his skill set is about knowing when and where to be outside of maybe primal juggling enemies.

Yeah, I get your point. I also don’t really have any interest in that new single-player mode. I have a couple of CoD games where I didn’t play the campaign a single time.

What would you consider a new Overwatch game?

Other shooters like CoD define a new game by throwing away all content and giving the players completely new weapons, maps, and some type of hero classes or abilities every version. Oh, and a completely new weapon skin grind. Is that fun?

Personally, I’m glad that OW2 will keep a lot of things the way they are. It would be stupid to completely throw away all heroes and maps because there’s so much great content in OW1. Blizzard is reworking quite a lot of heroes though, so it’s not like the game will remain stale.

I’m actually not sure what will happen with the existing OW1 maps. Obviously we’re getting a lot of new maps in OW2. Will the old maps get visual upgrades? Will they stay in the competitive map set? Or will they get archived somewhere in Arcade mode?

There is no single player.

It is a 4 person co-op set of hero and story missions.

It’s weird to me that many people who complain about issues with OW are so optimistic that OW2 will somehow be better and fix the issues.
You yourself mention you feel it’s a gameplay issue where tank players don’t feel rewarded for playing tank. I simply fail to see what OW2 is going to change about that. I get what you’re saying…having only 1 tank means the player playing tank will feel rewarded. That to me is just some goldie locks sunshine and rainbows point-of-view. It’s not reality.
The good thing about 2-2-2 is that whichever role you choose you share the burden. Whether it’s tank, dps or heals, there’s 2 of you. Having 1 tank means this really important role falls to 1 player. In your perfect little fantasy tale where this tank player is incredible, everything should be fine. The reality is, that’s just not how it goes. All it takes is an inexperienced player to be the tank and it falls to bits. The player chooses Rein, keeps charging and getting destroyed. In that scenario, what do you think is going to happen? What I think will happen is the other players will go full mald mode, and in-sets the rot. Once that situation repeats itself enough times you just watch these forums. Thread after thread of disgruntled players fed up of getting paired with bad tank players. It’s inevitable.
All these players thinking just re-skinning a game, giving it new animations and new sounds, giving it a new name is going to fix it’s original issues, are just kidding themselves. Some people will literally eat up anything.
If it’s so easy to fix the current games issues, then why haven’t they done it already? Also, what is OW2 going to change about that?
OW has huge balancing issues. There’s so many heroes that every time they buff or nerf 1 of them they unbalance others. OW2 is not going to change that.
OW has major smurfing issues. Blizzard quite simply cannot stop high skill players logging into other accounts and playing in lower ranks. What are they supposed to do? Ban players for being better than others. OW2 is not going to change that.
OW has crippling issues with toxic players. This issue is fundamental to all games where random people need to work together. OW2 is not going to change that.
These to me, are the main issues OW has. Essentially, they’re the disease. Endless complaints of all the other symptoms and bs simply don’t matter is you can’t cure the disease.

the trouble i run into a lot as a tank is miscommunication or just bad teamplay with the other tank, and if that fails it tends to lose me the game 90% of the time, so removing that other tank means that i don’t have to basically hug the other tank in order for my tank pick to work.
it’s not exactly if i lose the other tank i have any shot at surviving, it’s just a lost fight from there.
that’s why overwatch in my opinion fails to deliver on individual tank agency because it allways calculate around the fact that there is 2 tanks.

what i hope happens when there’s only 1 tank is that the tank isn’t as pivotal for a team fight because as is, if you are missing 1 tank in either case it’s a lost fight, but maybe if you take away some of that combo potential the tank duo have and just removing one it means it matters less if the tank dies.

and as a side effect by just removing the other tank you can cram in more power into a tank because there’s no double tank synergy to worry about, but i also hope that means more fun and rewarding things to use for tanks in general and also removing the other tank opens up my choices in what tanks i should play.

let’s take orisa for an example, you plop down barrier and you spam, sure at some ranges you can start aiming for headshots and really drill people down and trying to hit those headshots with a machinegune projectile weapon can kinda be fun, but against some enemies that simply don’t work that well. so i hope she gets something more fun to play with in addition to what she has or rework how halt works or something because honestly to me halt in it’s current iteration is just waste of space atm.

as for fixing the game, i mean the game works as it is right now i feel, it’s just a lot of crying out of frustration because the game is very high paced and getting “randomly” killed makes people want more agency or some form of change.

but as for me, i just want them to make the game more fun for me, and seeing that i like more arena shooter type of games that’s kinda where i’m hoping they are going with it, like i really don’t like healing as an ability in this game, but it’s not the end of the world.

but i do agree that there is basically things that blizzard can’t fix or make perfect like balance, there’s is allways gonna be someone who doesn’t like it, and the toxicity due to it being a chaotic team game, that’s simply not gonna change because of OW2.

smurfing i think is just inevitable, if there are people who want to smurf there will be people who will smurf, it’s more of a fad more so than anything else because i’ve played other competitive games where smurfs isn’t an issue at all, why that is? not really sure, the same could be said for cheaters aswell, some games just have more cheaters than others not because of bad anti-cheat programs but because people don’t feel like cheating in them for whatever reason.

also what’s gonna happen to lucio? is he gonna have his aoe boop or are they taking that away?

but yeah in any case, i’m not really thinking that OW2 will “fix” anything, i just look at it as an opportunity for them to make fun changes to some characters, nothing more than that really, and i really don’t think tank is gonna be more popular with the changes, but i mean i don’t think it can get any less popular as it is.
just hoping that they manage to make some tanks fun enough to compete with the rest of the cast in terms of rewarding and fun stuff to do.

allthough i gotta say, some tanks are allready more fun than some dps and supports, but that’s probably my own bias.