Overwatch - EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading from 0xffffffffffffffff

Keep crashing mid-game recently. I’ve already followed ALL of the generic Blizzard Overwatch 2 Support guides to repair and fix my problem. There was a discussion from Oct. 2019 that seems close to my issue, though they were prompted contact with a GM to provide more info about the PC.

I have disabled all that they have listed too.

Pastebin error log

i’ve been having the same crash on for the past few days.

Any potential fixes??

Having the same issues as you two. There’s plenty of other posts like this with zero replies from support. All Blizzard suggests is close background apps and then they never reply beyond that. Super helpful

need DxDiag + MSInfo for more help


you can upload these files on Pastebin
and reply here with the Pastebin link using the preformatted text option (</>).