Overwatch, currently, is unplayable

sadly i am going to quit playing overwatch, since its not improving its game problems. leavers, afk and children dominate the queue, recently those trolls are forced into role queue, locking down the possibilty to carry.
every game there is this DPS moira and a 3% hit chance lucio.
they dont care about their tanker. if you play zarya you literally sit below 10% hp spamming “need heal” or you play roadhog and self medicate. when playing shield tank, they run in front of your shield and die - why would they use your shield.

if you play support you have inting tanks - if you play dps, the other dps is most of the times, a failure. i played several accounts including my main account and due this new system its not possible to ladder or rank correctly. Because one can’t pick the weakest or strongest possibility, due role lock down.
im totally fine with players liking 2 2 2 lock. but its not my preference at all.

i highly doubt that this is going to change with ow2. thats why i decided to stop playing overwatch. its a good game, but recently its not developed correctly. they locked down to role. they forcing people to play. i dont like it at all. it seems like its some sort of chinese influence. Overwatch started as a free game, then china got involved and some unapproved bots posted hate in forum and blizzard changed a system and made it mandatory.

*edit But i had some good years. Thank you and maybe until soon? when you start to fix those issues, im sure ill return =)


I don’t get your criticism. If someone sucks at their role, they’ll be ranked lower, and thus odds are that if you’re good at your role, you’ll be teamed up with people who are equally good in their roles. Basically you just have to hope that you get grouped with someone whose shortcomings aren’t amplified by yours.

If you get grouped as a tank with dps who don’t know how to benefit from a shield, maybe you’re not as good a tank as you think you are.
Maybe you’re not moving in when you should.
Maybe you’re swinging that hammer so often they stop relying on you shielding them when they need it.
Maybe you’re charging into a 6-stack when your team hasn’t grouped up yet.
Maybe you’re not in teamchat and miss why people aren’t doing what you’d have them do.
Maybe you are in teamchat and you’re toxic quickly so people stop cooperating.
Maybe your situational awareness is good but your mechanics are crap.


im reporting you - and i will not reply on any of your statements. nice try troll

Wow, way to shoot down someone helping out by offering perspective.


What a response. It really made me laugh.
I hope you’re kidding and that you’re the one trolling here. You know, for your sake.

If not then I’d REALLY consider all the feedback Kerfuffle gave you.


nice chinabots in official wow forum?

this is not helping at all, his argumentation is not helpful - its forcing the reader - same story with 2 2 2 . since you eat everything you get, please restrain from “helping” me. thank you!!!

I’d go with my second-to-last suggestion judging from their response. If someone gets this angry at someone bothering to help by giving some advice on a forum, are they going to keep their cool ingame?

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leavers, afk and all that jazz, they are not game problems. Blizzard can’t do a thing about that.

These are all player base issues. So quit because of the community, not the game.

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not quite right. Blizzard has an impact on players, the way the game is designed and run affects players in one way or another. Shifting the responsibility upon player alone is little dishonest.

Go and play qpc. You don’t like rq? Go play there. Rq 222 makes it far more likely to be ranked correctly.

also flagging you for falsely flagging people.

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To a point.

But if something is bad in the game, it is your choice to get angry about it. and it is your choice to throw games. and it is your choice to be a dick in chat.

Blizzard can’t make you behave like a rational humanbeing. They can only fix bugs and balance the game as they see fit.

It is the players that complain about and cause all the other issues.

Just because you have a knife in the kitchen, doesn’t mean you should go around stabbing everyone.

So, just because you can leave, and throw games, and act like a dick. Doesn’t mean you should.

You are in control of your actions.

If Blizzard were controlling your actions, I’d uninstall asap and get away from your computer.

I am sure u are a guy who mains dps and thinks he should get pocketed i personly main lucio with 42% hit chance so maybe try something else