Overwatch for the casual player

It can be fun but for the most part, not at all.
The casual player plays games for fun. When they play overwatch they are met with the opposite.
Lets play a game, queue for 2/3 minutes to play tank, after all no one wants to queue for 8-10 mins to play a casual game. I join the game, but wait, it’s the last 30 seconds? Why do I want to play this game with the enemy outside of spawn T-Bagging away with my team emoting inside. Lets leave and rejoin. Oh, my endorsement has gone down? Great. Maybe this time I’ll queue as a DPS they’re fun, right? Oh look at that, the enemy team has 3 players rated level 20-30 and they’re all on fire, the kill cam shows one of them didn’t miss a single shot on their flank taking out 3 of our players. Wait the game has finished? I but I just queued for 10 minutes and the game barely lasted 2?

Ok never mind, I’ll play fortnite instead. That’s a shame, Overwatch was enjoyable at one point in time.


the last time I had genuine fun in overwatch was about 2 years ago, me and the enemy Winston had a grudge we were ingoring all other things an enacting nature…

two massive gorillas just beating the living S**t out of eachother x-D for the whole match

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I always start playing with a forceful mindset of trying to ignore mistakes and stuff from myself and my team, but its impossible to keep it like this. My most recent frustration is with Quick play, where I try to use it to practice but recently, I have been put up against a team made up of mostly Diamond and Masters! Im low gold in all roles btw. I cant learn if im being destroyed by a masters team. Its not fun either. But i dont understand. Why am I put up against Masters? It wouldnt happen in comp…so why in QP?

Any one under masters should just play for fun. Sweaty tryhards in silver/gold/plat who think SR is important are actually a little embarrassing.

This flys in the face of anyone who says playing against smurfs makes you better. (which is utter BS btw).

You are right, playing against people who are miles better than you does not help in the slightest. all the happens is you spend half the game walking from spawn.

The ranked system that puts you against players of your skill, getting better as you get better is the best way to learn as you can learn at your own pace. IF you get good quickly, you will climb quickly.

Sadly, smurfoes don’t understand this. But they are the dumb ones smurfing in the first place. At school you don’t throw kids degree level stuff to learn straight away. It is a gradual process to find their level. It is completely agreed that that is the best way to educate people.

I mean…yeah role q sucks.


And how’d you reckon people get to GM?


20 characters…

Show me one person below GM that belongs there. Not smurf and must play more than 20 hours a season.

show me one person above masters that belongs there?. not a sweaty tryhard basement dwelling neckbeard with no life outside of playing OW 23 hours a day, drinking their bodyweight in Pizza/pepsi milkshakes 2 hours a day, fapping 1 hour a day and sleeping 30 minutes a day

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Honestly, I think you may be the saddest person on these forums. Can’t be good enough at a hobby so you have to put everyone better than you down to make yourself feel better? First it’s luck, now it’s no life? It’s almost like people are simply better than you and you can’t accept that.

I don’t like telling people that, but honestly you should probably just quit the game. If you haven’t had fun in years, seems like the only right thing to do.

But, to answer your question: There are tons of people in and above Master with a normal life. I’m a senior, not bad at school, do my work, am in a good relationship, have other hobbies, play in an Overwatch team and am in Master. All the others in my team have good positions in jobs, one person goes to school and works (that’s a system in my country), I know that at least two of them have a good relationship as well. And we’re all Mid Diamond+, most Master, and we scrim Master.

Do you know Swimmer? He’s in OWL now, kid finished school while playing in Contenders, getting paid already. He was way better than Master, something you believe you can only achieve by having no life, and he finished school besides it.

Of course you have to be a tryhard to get to Master, you don’t get to be within the top 3% of anything decently populated without the drive to improvement. Tryhard doesn’t mean you have no life though. People who are great at an instrument are also tryhards, but you wouldn’t assume they have a terrible life, would you? You’re just salty, as I said, probably the saddest person on the forums I’ve ever seen.

Overwatch is nothing more than a hobby to me. I just have fun competing. That’s simply how I like playing, and I’m overall quite tryhardy, not just in video games.

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20 characters

I’m sorry I called you a sad person after all you do is whine on these forums and try to find pathetic excuses for why you don’t rank up. Totally worth not getting a response lmao.

You said you don’t have fun with this game, so why don’t you just leave?


you can call me whatever you want, you will be flagged for it, those people who play that level get there by being lucky in the RNG of the matchmaker,

all I get, is smurfs, throwers, uncooperative teams, etc

Keep believing excuses, your mindset really isn’t my problem.

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and your attitude isn’t mine

why is there a fight here?.


because a trumped up elitist little kid couldn’t handle someone having a negative experience on his most favourite game ever and tried to pull the “git gud” card

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just ignore him like air your not in school. i gave up reason with trolls. real life fights are more then this boring scared chat forum fights.
lets say you hurt his feelings made him cry in real life. a new one takes his place.

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ohh ive already flagged it and moved on, I know most people are better than me at this game, its to be expected as I don’t have the twitchy reflexes that allow one to excel in these type of games

however, he is arguing that its “skill” that gets you places, when in reality, the majority of anything in this game is luck

how lucky are you that the matchmaker finds a balanced match for you?

how lucky are you that you get a GM widow smurf and the enemy gets the bronze boosted genji main?

how lucky are you that the heros you and your team main aren’t countered by the mains of the other team?

how lucky are you that you main the broken OP heros and not the lost and forgotten ones?

how lucky are you that the server you’re dumped into is actually stable for you and doesn’t lead to 50% no reg’s on your attacks?

etc etc etc ad infinitum

with this much RNG and luck… its not skill that wins out, sure it helps, but its not the be all end all

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