Overwatch leavers is a big problem

Im an average player trying to get better, in OW 1 i sometimes lost and win and placed around gold silver, now im B5 which to before stated ranked problem placing lot of people in wrong divisions rly didnt make me angry or upset, i just need to climb again right?
There is one big problem though, in 7 games at least in 3 of them somone leaves, but in enemy team in course of 7 games only 1 time in 7 games someone leaves, how im supposed to play when its almost every 3rd, 4th game 4v5 and its clear lost? I started practise to become actuall carry with some heroes to overcome this issue, but my last yesterday match and todays first one of player leaves and the whole squad so i just stayed in lobby solo against 5 ppl, 2 times in row?
I dont want to be toxic, but is blizzard okay? Seems match is normally calculated to ur overall prefromance why there is not remake option like in league of legends or smh like that
I bet from all my actuall ranked matches at least 24% were leavers if i calculate this to my average divison i can never climb up this way when i need above average preformance, stats and elim. like

I’ve been calling out this problem for a long while now.
It’s almost like Blizzard are trying to push you down/keep you from progressing on the ladder.

The design of the game is extemely dated in regards to leavers - I had 4 in a row the other day.

They should potentially introduce a 2 minute pause to allow said leaver to return - to then nullify the game and set penalties on the leaver/ban them.
Nullifying will stop irregularities/bogus stats being thrown into the ranked ladder affecting players positively/negatively.

I’ve played countless CS:GO, R6, Rocket League, LoL, Dota where leavers are of no issue. Yet Overwatch is rife with them, and occurs more often than me being able to complete a match at the moment.

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So your solution to a leaver, is to punish the other 9 players in the game by making them wait or wasting more of their time?

Yeah, that wouldn’t go down well.

How about, just crack on, perform and you will be fine in the long run. I see just as many leavers as you. I’ve probably played far more games, still haven’t had an issues with climbing to my correct ranks.

Well maybe because u invested more time in practising, not everyone has option as you and is touching grass at least sometimes

I only play a few hours some evenings. No more than most people.

I definitely invest very little time in practicing. Couple of minutes in an aim trainer, then boom straight into ranked.

It will make the match balanced, and provide the leaver with the ability to rejoin without ruining the match for others. Many other (better performing, and player retention) games provide this functionality to the players, and guess what, it works, and is utilised.

For now I have no choice to crack on, even as a single player vs a full team. This does not though improve the fun in the game, but hopefully will benefit my now hidden SR, and MMR - even if the other team are just telling me to leave.

At least you have provided your opinion in that you think its a pointless idea.

So you expect 9 people so just sit their and wait for someone who may not return.

When they could just be getting on with the game. And if they return, lovely stuff.

Of course it’s a pointless idea. I’ve yet to see an idea that finds a reasonable balance in giving fair chance, decent punishment and not wasting peoples time that was genuinely better than what’s in place.

No one likes leavers. But s*** happens. You just get on with it. 4v5 victories are pretty sweet.

I’ve always thought they should just replace players that leave in competitive, just like they do in QP.

Then give this newcomer some bonus for joining an in-progress game, like preventing their rank from dropping if said game is a loss and some extra exp for their trouble.

That’s exactly what Pause is… so yes, I do expect people to sit and wait. Anyone who is able to type should understand what a pause is lol - Two minutes is long enough for a user to rejoin the game without being anyway painful to the people waiting.

As seen across this forum, you lack the ability to understand logic and sense.
I mean, you believe your own lies to be true! :rofl:

That is one potential idea, allow users to drop-in to matches that require a slot filling perhaps.

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Yeah that isn’t going to work. Will just annoy and punish people who just want to play.

Exactly why something like this hasn’t been implemented.

You say that… then look at the ideas you agree with…

Yep, genuine ideas that are utilised on other multiplayer/ranked games which have retained players for many years whereas Blizzard have allowed OW to whither away.

They are certainly genuine ideas.

But they are not good. They are very simple, if they were actually good and workable, they’d be doing it.

To pull a you… where is your source for this. Last published numbers showed there was more players now than at OW1s peak.

Specifically talking about OW, not OW2 - even still, you can see why they sold up to Microsoft when they lose that many active players over 4 years.

I can’t post links, but if you search for the below text, theres an NME webpage:

Many content creators, forums have discussed this very subject.

They sold because the offer Microsoft made was insane given the share price at the time.

It also meant they could remove Kotick without having to pay him off. Microsoft can just buy him out.

That article was written over a year before OW2 came out. People slow stopped playing OW1 when they announced OW2 as the game was stale.

The player numbers are back now to well above what OW1 was doing. And being F2P, they will constantly go up and down now with content/events. As all F2P games seem to do.