Overwatch player numbers?


well in May 2018 it was 40 milions, since then many people quit or slowly quitting the game like me so i guess Overwatch worldwide have about 20-30 milion players now (numbers are in monthly logins not players in match)


I believe that 40 million figure was the number of accounts sold, not players. So someone could have 5 accounts.


The vast vast majority of players only have 1 account. Although not as many people play as launch its player base is still in the millions. It’s a game that people return to again and again, even if they break. My que times are generally a minute even with a pinpoint matchmaking system. (Total team number of skill within 1 or 2). That’s a pretty high population. Of course super duper skilled pro like players have a smaller pool to draw from and higher wait times.


No way in hell there are more that 1 million active PEOPLE who login daily.


Easily over 10 million. There is no difficulty of finding a match in any region in the right times.

You can still play actively even if you don’t login daily


Companies hide things when they don’t go their way. In this case there is a huge decline. Anyway this game is going down fast as ow2 will be announced.


1: Blizzard has never been too keen to releasing player numbers of OW. All that they’ve released is that they’ve sold 40 million copies.

2: OW 2 will not replace OW.


I have 4 and all my friends have at least two, are you sure?


Overwatch 2 is just a rumour around the world because of one guy who posted that Starcraft FPS game was cancelled and Blizzard moved that staff to Overwatch Development and people think they are Developing Overwatch 2 but actually i think they are Developing PVE Story based Overwatch game so that means no more events in Overwatch and every resource they have is going to be in competitive gameplay and gameplay overall. New devs are going to make that PVE stuff some people want and make the lore reveal and hero reveal Faster. Overwatch is dying because of smurfs but they have money from that so they rather make some PVE stuff to keep players playing Overwatch and let Smurfs ruin lower competitive ranked matches.


Like i said, its in monthly logins so if you login on all of your accounts in one month atleast once then that counter counts you as 4 people who are playing Overwatch, not as one guy but as 4… So basically people with multiple accounts and smurfs are boosting OW stats but that does not change that some people actually quitting the game because of smurfs or because of really low amount of content they added for last 2 years… I know games where every week we have a new event with one or two new things, people still playing and that games are fun to play even in casual matches.


I don’t know how many real players, without duplicated accounts.
But I am more curious about the average age, it seems average around 8 lately.


The reason I even asked was because Overwatch was my go to game for around 2 years, but a few months ago I finally had enough with the terrible balancing. even though i love the heroes, the lore, the cinematics, the Overwatch universe, all of the above can be ruined with bad balancing.

The weird thing is for some reason, I got the urge to play a little Overwatch again lately. Maybe because there’s not many interesting multiplayer games for me right now, i tried a few, Division 2, etc, but they just flopped. So I came back to Overwatch and am actually having fun again, just QP mind you. Been playing for at least an hour a night again.

I’m sure player numbers have dropped, and will continue to drop as we move on. it’s just natural. Of course new heroes and events will bring a portion of players back but overall I would say there is a steady decline since the release of Brigitte.


Overwatch ballance does not exists… its people not game… you cant have ballanced gameplay with heroes who have different ultimates and abilites… this game is supposed to be unballanced so you need to switch off that hero and play something else in order to win that match… Ballance was never an issue for me because i just switched and countered one OP hero with another OP hero and that is what this game is all about… People who are complaining about ballance are mostly DPS mains or onetrick players like you… being a one trick zarya in Orisa Hog meta is kinda sad but its not about game its about you and how you can adjust your playstyle to new meta… Blizzard wants to eliminate onetricks with this so i guess BB midplat zarya otp.


It’s around 40 mill at this point




it was last year… anyway i removed over 80 friends cuz they were offline for more than 2 months and they just dont want to play OW anymore thanks to smurfs… Also onetricking is problem what make people quit… 8/10 matches with OTP Genji (200+ hours on genji and second hero around 20 hours) and his genji skill is worse than mine… so why is he still playing genji and ruining games for others? cuz he is OTP and he does not care about others… 40 mil players last year but 20 is this year from what i saw/read and if this continues OW will eventualy die not because of ballanced heroes, nerfing them to ground like brig or dva, reworking like mercy or torb… Ow will die because of smurfs… just imagine thoose 6 silver players trying to rank up but every match they are playing against diamond smurf who play widow, tracer, hanzo, somdier, mccree and stomping them… By logic they quit playing cuz its too hard for them to win and nobody wants to play a game where is impossible to win atleast 5 times and loose 5 times… Huge ammount of people quit playing so you cant say its 40M even if stats shows its slightly above 20M…


Can you guys stop saying 40 million players, 30 million players…etc

It’s 40 million accounts, not players :sweat_smile:


league of legends ???


overwatch is a dying game, so i am sure they do not have a million players. too many people are leaving because heroes are out of balance. for example how can blizzard still allow Hanzo and Widow have a onehit killshot. well because of the huge hitbox. Widow should not bee able too shoot so fast neither can hanzo. from the beginning of Overwatch people have huge complains about hanzo and widowmaker, simply because they just don’t belong in overwatch. ashe does because she does not have a onehit killshot. if you stand behind a widow or hanzo and you shoot them in the head with ashe, just face it the head would have been blown off, but no many times the widow or hanzo just turns shoots in a random direction and you are dead. Blizzard doesn’t see what players want and need they only see money. it has become a cash grabbing company that doesn’t care about players. they do not share there numbers because they do not see the diffrent between buying an account and playing one. if i buy 10 account that doesn’t mean i am 10 players. it still means i am 1 player and the other 9 account are not online. they changed symmetra now we have to aim, which i think is a good change. but do it too moira and winston too. they kill while they player is watching tv


They’re snipers dude, in all these shooter gamjes snipers usually have one shot headshot kill abilities. You’re saying this is out of balance like it’s something new and only Overwatch does it.

Hanzo i can understand, he was overtuned for a LONG time, but Widow is actually hard to play with and you have to be good at aiming at heads.