Overwatch player numbers?


Are there any accurate stats to see how many people still play the game? I feel like there’s been a substantial drop off in the last 12 months but I always read that Blizzard doesn’t disclose the player numbers.


well in May 2018 it was 40 milions, since then many people quit or slowly quitting the game like me so i guess Overwatch worldwide have about 20-30 milion players now (numbers are in monthly logins not players in match)


I believe that 40 million figure was the number of accounts sold, not players. So someone could have 5 accounts.


The vast vast majority of players only have 1 account. Although not as many people play as launch its player base is still in the millions. It’s a game that people return to again and again, even if they break. My que times are generally a minute even with a pinpoint matchmaking system. (Total team number of skill within 1 or 2). That’s a pretty high population. Of course super duper skilled pro like players have a smaller pool to draw from and higher wait times.


No way in hell there are more that 1 million active PEOPLE who login daily.


Easily over 10 million. There is no difficulty of finding a match in any region in the right times.

You can still play actively even if you don’t login daily


Companies hide things when they don’t go their way. In this case there is a huge decline. Anyway this game is going down fast as ow2 will be announced.


1: Blizzard has never been too keen to releasing player numbers of OW. All that they’ve released is that they’ve sold 40 million copies.

2: OW 2 will not replace OW.


I have 4 and all my friends have at least two, are you sure?


Overwatch 2 is just a rumour around the world because of one guy who posted that Starcraft FPS game was cancelled and Blizzard moved that staff to Overwatch Development and people think they are Developing Overwatch 2 but actually i think they are Developing PVE Story based Overwatch game so that means no more events in Overwatch and every resource they have is going to be in competitive gameplay and gameplay overall. New devs are going to make that PVE stuff some people want and make the lore reveal and hero reveal Faster. Overwatch is dying because of smurfs but they have money from that so they rather make some PVE stuff to keep players playing Overwatch and let Smurfs ruin lower competitive ranked matches.


Like i said, its in monthly logins so if you login on all of your accounts in one month atleast once then that counter counts you as 4 people who are playing Overwatch, not as one guy but as 4… So basically people with multiple accounts and smurfs are boosting OW stats but that does not change that some people actually quitting the game because of smurfs or because of really low amount of content they added for last 2 years… I know games where every week we have a new event with one or two new things, people still playing and that games are fun to play even in casual matches.