Overwatch support not emailing me about suspension timing

So I was suspended a week ago from overwatch. However, I never recieved an email saying how long my suspension would be for. I emailed blizzard support saying something along the lines of “Hey i was suspended today, could yall tell me how long itll last since I never recieved an email and ive checked my entire inbox”. I recieved the auto generated “You broke the chat rules, sorry!” reply a few hours later. This gave me no further information than I started with so of course, I emailed right back. Its been a week with no response and I just want to know when I can play again. Has anyone else been suspended and not recieved email notice? Its really frustrating.

Should say on battlenet. Is it says “suspended” in the corner, it’ll tell till when.

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ah ill check that out, thank you!!!

Just hover over it and it’ll tell you.

If it says banned instead of suspended… :skull: Lol

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