Overwatch & Will it EVER be Cross Platform?

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  • Why can’t a game like Overwatch be Cross Platform? It’s 1 of the most popular games on PC, PS4 & XB1 … A game which creates Huge ESports events … A game which is available at the same price on all platforms … So why can’t we have Cross Platform? Putting into consideration that it’s a paid game, not a free game, But what are the chances of loss? Just that a player can play with his same account on 2 different platforms? There’s a very less chance that a player will be having 2 platforms and will buy the same game on both platforms … Considering that progressing is different for each one … Before it was not allowed, Sony didn’t allow cross-platform with Microsoft the only way that something called cross-platform existed was by “PS4 & XBox players playing with PC players, not with each other” But now Even Sony agreed, As an average user, Not a dev or something … I just thought it’s a Technical issue, They can’t match up different console players against each other… But almost 1 year back Fortnite Cough Accidentally allowed cross-platform by mistake between PS4 users and XBox1 users … After it was discovered they cleared that it was just a BUG … and it has been fixed, So it was never a technical issue? It was just about Policy, But now things have changed … Even Sony and Microsoft’s policy have changed … Can’t our policy change? I’m a player that would love to be able to play with his friends without the need to change my platform and then buy the game AGAIN on the other platform! … I’m sure many of us are having the same issue, Hi-Rez studio which “devs of games like Paladins, Smite & Realm Royale” Said that Cross-platform is coming soon exactly Next January 2019 ! … I’m sure more titles will be joining the competition and allowing cross-platform … So, The question is …Will we join? Will Overwatch EVER be cross-platform? Why not?

Between consoles yes PC excluded



As Zero said. It would work with cross platform between consoles, but not between console and PC. The advantage PC players would have is huge.


I’m against it for the competetiv part.
And how would the ladder work?
(i don’t want to be offensive but wouldn’t top 500 console lose theyr top500 and go somewhere in master/gm on the cross platform rating?)

Isn’t it a disadvantage as long as you are required to use lfg to search for pc players?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see it for Xbox and ps.

Just as an input from a different community.
The Sea of Thieves, which is xbox and pc.
Ob boi its a open world grind with a bit pvp and ppl lose theyr minds bc its mouse vs controller even it isn’t a classic fps. Which doesn’t have a ranking system.

The issue with ow is, there are 2 different balances, one for pc and one for console. And you’d have to take the pc version.

They can make input match making Controller VS Controller
M&k VS M&k Same as everyone else doing? For Arcade Mixed inputs

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YESSS, pls give us some console playing cannon fodder for stat padding.
Full support!

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inb4 that console cannon fodder is exclusively on your team.

There should be 2 leader boards then, 1 for Controller users and 1 for M&K users …
2 different balances? can u add more details here? cause I didn’t know that before

Console Overwatch uses different things like torb turret aim speed which is different on pc. Its not a lot but there are differences in terms of balance.

i mean there should be a setting where you can turn off cross platform if you don’t wanna be playing with pc or other consoles. to me, i think it should be readily accessible for all platforms. consoles and pc. i have console and pc, i don’t like console as much and most of my friends migrated to pc. and it’s annoying that i’ll have to completely start over.

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Cross platform in a game that is designed differently and balanced a little differently on those platforms wouldn’t make sense.

don’t forget switch, and i agree

Wow, you made an account to necro, feel proud?

If you want console players to be completely destroyed by sweaty pc nerds, then its a good idea

Yeah like some people are saying maybe between consoles but I don’t beleive PC will be included in there

If console and pc players could play together prety sure either they would get aima ssist as well or console would just loose it… SO I don’t think would work like you believe it would…

Im sad because i wont be able to play with my friends since well, pc is not gonna be able to cross with console :l

and i agree with DVAing