[PC][EU][Mature 18+][Competitive & Casual][SR 1000+] - Mature gaming community for people who actually want an active server


I hurd, the staff are pretty chill there
if your looking for a fun community join up!!!


it’s not just overwatch, we play a wide selection of games


I’ve been with Serenity for around 6 months now - it’s a great community. Come join us <3


One of us! One of us!


we are happy to have you tonks


Happy to have me too I hope? :stuck_out_tongue:

New silver-gold OW team being set up if any new recruits want to try !!

Returning to Overwatch, LF new buddies for QP/Comp/Arcade

Always B…well most of the time anyways


On Wednesdays at 6.30pm BST I host 6v6 PUGS in the server! Come along if you wanna show your skills off or captain a team!


Id really like to join again! Peanut#21871


I am thinking about hosting another Meme Dream Team event! Thoughts?


Hey can i Rejoin the community? :slight_smile:


Sorry Peanut the community is not for you i am afraid.


You people need to shut up and stop posting on your own forum post to make it seem more active than your dead as hell discord with TERRIBLE management.

There’s a reason your looking to “recruit” more because your discord is dead.

Just fck off Jonny, fcking kill yourselves


Hello JSmart, unfortunately i have no recollection of who you are but if this is the kind behavior you exhibit online then we can only count our lucky stars you are not a Member of Serenity gaming.

I can only assume that you were removed for a good reason and we hope that you find something to fill the large Serenity Gaming shaped hole you are clearly living with.

P.S. Jonny is alive and well and thanks for the boop



Looking to run more regular pugs if you anyone’s interested.


Why is the community not for me? =/


you know why Mr Peanut.


boop for the post :slight_smile:


Farming new event boxes! come join.


heroes of the storm has also seen a small resurgence. Come play that too :slight_smile: