Pink Mercy skin back?


What do you think about bringing the Pink Mercy skin back? Many players didn’t have the chance (or account) to support the charity and buy it. Also - I know, that a looooooot players still want to have that lovely skin. I, personally, think that this is a great idea and would definitely support this.


I totally agree, didn’t have the chance to buy it and helping the kids is also great.


My issues about it being such a specific charity aside, I’m not sure what possible reasoning they have for making it a limited time thing anyway. If it’s for charity, make it constantly buyable. Having it only for an arbitrarily limited time is clearly denying income that could save lives. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I totally agree! I was thinking about the idea of making charity events with some skins that you can buy and help. They should really consider this.


That’s great idea! Pink Mercy is so beautiful and chance to help others is also beautiful.
I totally agree with it!
Pink Mercy must return :heart:


Yes we absolutely need it back. A lot of skins in this game are garbage and they don’t worth any money. As pointless is to buy skins you don’t like as buying up all the steam games what you will never play after. On average there is one single skin I like per hero and using that for a long time. The sugarplum was not bad but her portrait face in the corner does not look good.


Sugarplum should have had green wings like Lunar New Year.



For my kind, donations for charity should be available whole time, but every other month have different skin/emote etc.


Please keep the skin exclusive. Maybe they can make a second skin?


I was thinking about making a bunch of skins for different charities. It’s about helping, not being exclusive. Also - many people really want the Pink Mercy to be available again.


I think the problem is the charity aspect, they’d have to be able to prove how many are being sold and that exactly that much money is going to the charity, a lot less hassle when you do it a limited time, i think they should do like a yearly thing where they add a new skin and new charity every time but the old ones come back too


I say yes! Why? Because the pink Mercy skin focuses on donations to breast cancer research; and breast cancer runs in my family in women. I support it and if it does come back, you will see me buying it without a doubt. :two_hearts:


While I understand the way you are thinking I assume knowing it is a 1 time thing also made people buy it. I agree they should bring it back but having it available all year would probably reduce the money given to charity.


Is it much hassle though? Businesses record all income and expenses in data bases (Sage, Excel) anyway. There is a clear point of income here that can be tracked via an automated system. These big companies have scores of administrators and book keepers that keep track of everything including how much the company spends on bog roll each month. :yum:

Yes, “Exclusivity” is not something I personally value and thus I didn’t consider it, however the question then is would having the draw of it being exclusive end up generating more income in the long run than having it be always available for purchase? I think the answer is pretty clear.

I think a lot more concern was put into company image rather than actually generating as much money as possible for the charity. They wanted a big number in a short amount of time so that Jeff could stand in front of Blizzard HQ with an oversized cheque.

Yes, I’m highly cynical. Yes, having the drive is better than not having the drive at all, but if the main aim is to generate as much income as possible for the charity, then this isn’t the best way to do it. There are obviously other concerns at play here.