Player left spawn, and left - GAME WAS NOT CANCELLED

Please help.!

A player left spawn on my team then left.
The game was not cancelled!

After the timer runs out you can leave the game without getting a leaver penalty. It will count either as a loss or abandoned. There isn’t much difference between those when it comes to ranking, neither is a win after all.

Indeed. It shouldn’t of counted as a valid match given we had a leaver who took/did no damage at all.

It’s only happened once before to me, and it still looks like they have no fixed this issue since I last reported it.

It would be nice if there was a system that abandoned the game for everyone involved, or declares it as a draw when people leave right at the beginning.
That way it’s just wasted a little bit of time instead of tanking/inflating people’s scores.

No one should benefit from a game like that. I once had a game where 3 people from the enemy team left when the sides were swapped.
I was really sad for the enemy team and i felt that it shouldn’t have counted as a victory for me because it was so unfair.

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