Player profile TRANSPARENCY IS A MUST in comp games

  1. No hidden profiles.
  • I don’t care what haters say about me. I am playing comp not to talk but to rank.
  • It’s others business how they cope about hate. Disable chat if you want.
  • You may not show ALL SEASONS in profile - show AT LEAST CURRENT
  • I want to know what to expect from my teammates.
  1. No hidden grouping - highlight parties in scoreboard.
  • Enemy or ally should not conceal their strategic and communication possiblities. This sometimes impacts match outcome even more than actual skill.
  • When I am teamed with 3-4ppl group who may disregard healing me against a 3-4ppl group who may focus fire me - AT LEAST I NEED TO KNOW.
  • When someone hates your group in chat - throw them reports.
  1. Display current ranks in scoreboard.
  • If there is a big reason why I need to play against weird ranks which are so different from mine - AT LEAST I NEED TO KNOW.
  • What they say and what the are being told - is their own business. Don’t make it somebody’s business to ask others why we suddenly getting owned with no damage or heals or tank.
    This only increases toxicity level.

STOP VITAL INFORMATION CONCEALING ! The only reason Blizzard provides for all this concealing - is fear of haters and trolls. But the only effect it has - haters and trolls get more options to coneal what they are doing.
Average people get confused about team balance and toxicity rises.

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Whilst they have said somethings to give more information are coming…

Is it really vital, or do you need it to use it as a crutch to beat someone with?

What is knowing what rank people are really going to do? You are still playing badly, and if you want that information you are distracted. So maybe they aren’t the issue.

You just declare it as vital because you want to rage about it just in case.

Which is exactly the reason why it is hidden.

Hey JustDell,

I agree to what you’ve put here. It’s good to see peoples mains so you can potentially counter pick them, or just try and beat them at their own hero. The groupings are also good so you know if you’re playing against a full stack (or near) - so you can expect comms to be good between them, or even a potential incoming mercy pocket.

It feels like Blizzard are concealing that various bits of information to try and reduce toxicity rather than dealing with the actual root cause (restricting peoples text/voice chat or banning them out right for toxicity) meaning genuine decent/competitive players are left with reduced information or functionality overall.

The groupings and the open career profile would be great.
Visible ranks, the SR value, the option to all like a certain key stat at the end of the match was good > as well as the extended end of match comms was good.

Exactly why you shouldn’t be able to see the enemy profiles. Counter picking makes the game boring and shows you have little confidence in your own hero choices if all you do is play what “counters” them. You are essentially playing not to lose, instead of playing on the front foot to win.

Really? You’re contradicting yourself here (see below). I am unsure how a few months back you were agreeing with me although now, you believe we shouldn’t be able to see enemy profiles as it makes the game boring for you, and makes you play “not to lose, instead of playing on the front foot to win”.


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Not really.

They are the worst thing that they brought to the game. You only need to see what your team plays (for the purposes of building synergy and comps)

But your reasons for wanting them removed are awful and a sign of things are also bad for the game.

(also cross linking threads is a forum offence, be careful your friend doesn’t flag your posts).

Your reasons for it is a mind set thing. I can’t win on my pick, so I must stop them from playing. Rather than, I didn’t win that, I need to play better. This is why the stuns and CC in OW1 were a symptom of lazy design, and lazy players. Hard countering is bad game design.

If you can just check who someone plays, and immediately play something to take them out of the game, without using any skill… yeah that makes for a good game…

Yes really, you literally said that:

You said you that youy want to see what heros they play most. You are going against what you typed months ago.

I did. And you took it out of context to try and “win”. You problem.

Did I?

So, why would you want the following only?

Because that information would be handy for the people on your team.

As I said. Snap shot for your team, hidden for the enemy.

They are adding a version of average SR that’ll show up when the lobby loads. Don’t need anything else. You should be building your comps and strats around what your team plays and what you can maximise. Not just straight up playing to counter, that is a pretty negative mindset.

You never said any of this when you said you agreed with my statement.
My statement that you agreed to said:

So, clearly you’re lying. You agreed to my statement, however today you are going against your own statement.

There is no way possible for me to take this out of context :smiley: You’re now making it up as you go along.

Again. You’ve taken it out of context.

My agreement was “For once I agree. Hidden profiles are one of the worst things they ever brought to the game.”

I never gave you anything more other than “you don’t have to give all the stats”. Which is exactly what I am saying now. Snap shot for your team. Nothing more.

You are trying so hard to “win” something. I am not really interested in that.

And also, that was from 4/5 months ago. I could of changed my opinion in that time. You trying to prove something for your vendetta is just silly.

Not trying to win anything, I am just saying that you’re contradicting a statement that you made in the past.

Yep, and your agreement was to what I typed on the forums which is nothing to do with:

In future, if you agree to something but your “Agreement” is completely different to another person(s) text/statement, then you need to clearly write out and explain otherwise it can be "

as you call it. Although it is very difficult to take something out of context when you provide no further context other than

I am not trying to prove anything. You said to me

Which is totally the opposite of what you agreed to months ago. You thinking that I have a vendetta is pretty self-concious/or anxious of you. Not everyone is out to get you, sometimes we’re trying to understand where you’re coming from. There are support groups out there that can help with this sort of stuff should you need it.

Sure opinions can change, but that is a pretty drastic change given you said it makes a boring game. I was just wondering as to why you would agree to something that’s boring, but now you don’t. Nothing has changed in OW1 since its been shut down so I am curious as to how your opinion could of changed :confused:

It’s clearly explained above.

Also, people can change their minds over time. I didn’t, but I could have. Bringing up an old opinion to prove something now is just you trying to point score. It’s a bit “cringe” as some would say

I am allowed to think something was an awful addition, whilst also thinking they could have taken a better path.

They can, but completely contradicting yourself given you said it makes a boring game, really makes me wonder why you would agree to a statement although it makes the game boring.

Providing a source to my knowledge is not cringe, its validation. You thinking that I have a vendetta is just you being self-concious/or anxious. We aren’t out to get you.

Very nice contribution to this thread…

I haven’t contradicted myself, just clarified.

You didn’t “provide a source”, you provided a comment (out of context) from nearly 5 months ago in an attempt to score points over someone. That’s quite cringe.

He isn’t wrong though. That is literally why they were introduced.

You agreed to my statement 5 months ago. It’s there to be seen by you and anyone else watching this thread. You did contradict yourself, you clarified just now by providing the complete opposite of the statement you agreed to.

You thinking that I have a vendetta against you is just you being self-concious/or anxious. We’re not your enemy here, just try and calm down, open a window or something for some fresh air.

Have you a source of reasoning for this by Blizzard, as to why they set all profiles to private?

My understanding is that they did this to stop people from using career profiles as a way to be toxic to others. If you read above, I never said that I wanted to open profiles for this very reason.

I did. And I clearly said

"For once I agree. Hidden profiles are one of the worst things they ever brought to the game.

You don’t have to give all the stats. Just what heroes they play most. That is all we really need."

I agreed it was a terrible thing to add

And I clearly don’t agree with your reasons for wanting it removed, which are equally as terrible.

Maybe, when you drop the vendetta you’ll see the context.

Also, someone can completely change their opinion in 5 months. So I’m not sure why you’re still going on about a perceived change (when there wasn’t one).