Playing Support is like


gambling in the 2-2-2 lock.
Praying, that your team is on their main roles and that they somewhat now what to do. And yes, it’s true, that you can have influence on the outcome of the game as support, though I feel like that every game I play as support is like im sitting infront of a slot machine hoping to win :slight_smile:

I would love to hear you guy’s take on this. I’d like to know, whether I am the only one feeling like that.


I feel the same playing tank. Although it’s even worse as a support. The dps role (and ability to counterpick and make kills) is much more important then the other roles.


This game features different roles, but basically its all wrapped around the dps… As Salarias said, you can have impact with supprt and tank, but way less then dps.
I feel the same like you, the comparison with a slot machine is pretty accurate.


All roles are like that. Well maybe not so much dps. As a tank its hard to create space when the dps and healers stay behind the choke leaving me to push through on my own.

And on tbe support side its hard to heal tanks that instantly jump out of your healing range.


im usually around 2.9k for the last 8 -9 seasons,now ive been placed 2.9 and im currently @ 2.5 because of 2-2-2 and the effect of main healers and main tanks take up dps slots and dont even get 1 ult whole game,thats the curse of this 2-2-2 system.Very VERY BAD.


In theory, when the official season is out and people did their placements, their rating should adjust to the specific role after time. That’s why I am still thinking positively of the role queue.

Right now, If you are a master support player and do rankings as Tank/DPS you will get placed not far from your masters’ rating. I just hope, that in later seasons, the MMR system acknowledges the different ratings and places you accordingly in each bracket, if you choose to do your placements.


The point is, and you may agree with me, if you are a good dps you can win the game, if you are a good support or Tank you can only help your team to win. And that makes a big difference.

It has nothing to do with role lock or so, its just how the game is set up to work.
I have started to learn dps know, so if I win its most likely because of my impact in the game/kills, if I loose i know its because of my bad mecanics or whatever.


I think every role is going to feel like this vs. the other two, it’s truly no different than the previous ‘I hope my team isn’t bad.’ While you can easily feel like your DPS are doing nothing as a tank, or you’re not being healed, you can also sit there as a support and facepalm as your teammates constantly go too deep, LOS you, and then yell ‘where are the heals!’, or watch someone play an Orisa who thinks her role is ‘set up 20m from the point and pew pew.’ If the tank isn’t taking space and applying pressure, it’s hard for DPS to pop off. You can’t play a flanker if your team stands back and lets you die 1v6.

There’s 100% no doubt in my mind that role queue gives me better games, because no matter what the complaints, I no longer spend one game in 3 with 4 DPS. However, they create some new psychology. Everyone queues feeling like they can ‘rely’ on the other roles, and to a degree, get supported/carried. Even DPS go in thinking they shouldn’t die, that the tanks and supports are there to cover their own bad positioning and errors.

The reality is that everyone needs to develop more of the mindset that they’re there for the other 4 (or 5) than those other roles being there for them.


Well, with role queue, of course you think that people somewhat know how to play their roles.

That’s why in my opinion, a MMR reset would be optimal to do at the start of season 18!


No it’s not you just have to support your team nothing more it’s that simple. Even if your team gets rolled having good or bad stats is completely on you.
As dps its a bit harder you can pop off a few times but if your tanks don’t make space thats it.
But tanks oh boy not only do you have to worry about terrible Healer but also about dps doing less than you.


As a tank in lower ranks its damn near impossible to create space because the healing just isnt there.

Ppl just refuse to push through chokes and ceed their brains out.


Im a gold support main that prioritizes team play over stats and I totally agree. Dps set the tone of the game. The best I can do is extend the push and kill a squishy or two before im the last one standing.


DPS can’t do anything without tanks to create space or supports to heal them.

Your “reliance” on dps to carry you is very ignorant and narrow-minded. Tanks are the true carries in this game, when you have a good tank on your team, everybody can feel it. As a DPS, some games I might go 15-5, other games I might go 40-5. The difference? The tanks & supports.

This is a TEAM game, not a dps carry game, you have to pick to compliment your team composition and keep it viable against the enemy team, of course that’s a lot to ask for when solo queue, even with role queue, but it’s your job to make the most sensible pick you can and work with your team.

Bottom line: You can’t control your team mates, but you can control yourself, fix your own mistakes and stop worrying about what your teams are like.


The issue is even if tanks create space if the dps cant kill tbe enemy then your tank wont last long


Below Diamond, a hog, sigma, zarya or even can carry your team with kills & damage.


Hahahaha, You assume alot bro. I don’t need a carry I just need my team to play at or around the same level as the enemy team. As a support main I have to prioritize my team’s health as a whole, dealing accurate or suppressive damage whenever I can. Think football. My wide receivers are set up nicely but if the CB’s are dramatically outpreforming them the rest of the team has an uphill battle.

Like you said team composition is important. I like to win so I adjust per my team. Im just saying that dps are weighed too heavily.


Even if you get a support who is not trash and makes space with you it’s up for the DPS to use that space. Most see leaving the point as overextending it’s so ridiculous.


Oh yeah i agree 100% nothing worse when i push tbrough tbe choke and split the enemy team only for the dps to stay behind the damn choke.


As i see, the only players saying me and Salaris are wrong, are dps players.

And again i and some others in this discussion didnt say that you cant have impact as a support or tank. We say that the impact of a dps is a lot havier than the one of a support or tank.


I can consistently carry to master every single time on support-Slots.

DPS and tankslots are useless with terrible supports.

What’s your excuse?