Playing Support is like


I don’t doubt you, but when I play the game, I don’t play with the intention to achieve a specific rank or SR. I play to (somewhat) have fun and win games.

Of course most likely any role has a hard time with bad players in the team, but I argue, that it’s particularily hard to help win the game as support, than it is with the Tank or DPS role. And with role-queue you have to pray every game, that you get somewhat capable players.

What do you want to do as support, if your tanks refuse to play proper combo’s. What do you want to do, when there is not enough shield damage? What do you want to do if your team presses S instead of W?

Now, I get that maybe that’s not only a support specific issue. I’d like to know, how do you carry games with terrible tanks not in VC? How do you carry games with a clearly worse team composition?
And don’t get me wrong, of course you have to accept, that there are literally unwinnable games, at every ranks, but my experience is, that these games have increased alot in number with the recent role queue update. What is your experience with that?


I support main and have never really liked ranked, i thought i would give it a go again with the new role lock situation. Thinking ah maybe this will be better…it’s not really lol I still find auto lock widows and hanzos that never step foot on a point and watch payloads sail on by :frowning:

This is why i tried being an aggressive Moira to try and kill people, so quite a few times i end up with 4 gold medals and we lose anyway (Can no longer switch roles on the fly to help compensate matches now which makes it harder).

I am turning back to just pure healing now, trying desperately to keep my dps and tanks alive long enough for them to kill the enemy team but its a total gamble. A match just now was a disaster the dps sym kept teleporting to random places without saying anything and our hammond would swing in and die everytime lol.
Some games i work so dam hard and lose 40 points and win maybe 25…one match i won 7 points… 7! I felt like i did my bit for the team, my tank friend gained 30 that round and he was like oh thats odd you only got 7. T_T

I am by far not the best so any tips on how other main supports climb the ladder will be appreciated T_T So far i get really deflated with ranked and sadly i don’t think this role lock helped really.

One thing i can think of, is if you end up on a team that loses due to bad team play or just that one dps guy who thinks he can snipe but can’t, maybe if you have better stats than your team you should lose less points, a considerable amount less because that doesn’t happen now. That could make it more bearable.


This was always true for Overwatch, and before role queue, people like you, who thought the DPS were doing bad would swap to DPS without notice and throw the match and blame the original DPS for doing bad, but there is no scoreboard and maybe if you didn’t try to DPS as Moira so hard, they would do more damage and get some kills?

You know the problem of Overwatch community? We are too young generally, teen to 25. Right when young boys think they’re the center of the universe, that they don’t do anything wrong, they can’t possibly be responsible for their actions because they never have been hold responsible for ANYTHING.


I said i tried both ways :slight_smile: just healing until i could heal no more with no enemy deaths (of course this doesn’t always happen) so i thought I would try contributing with the dps, to see if thats what I was missing.

So please read before judging so hard as you will see i turned to dpsing to see if the matches went any better.

Also sometimes switching roles is the only last thing to try, that I am sure many many people have done.

I also admit in my post I am not the best player, I simply stated my experiences as asked in the thread about supporting. If you have anything constructive to say, I am all ears :slight_smile:


Try posting a vid for review.

Some games are unwinnable. Eg Hammond diving in 1v6, Zarya that thinks she’s a dps and keeps on going on mad flanks and never bubbles team mates and a Genji with a 1-10 kd that dragon blades the air.

This season’s been a mess skill wise.

But I’m just aiming for at least 30% heals, no matter how awful my team mates are.

Then when I do get good teams, wins are easy.


Same, the lack of skill is just a joke, heal them all you want it won’t make a differance, they will still die,


Your clearly special sweetheart… :man_facepalming:t6: At that level you are playing an entire different game than lower ranks.

If my tanks and DPS are living through lomg extended presses still were not moving forward and nobody on the enemy team is dying. They’re still useless.


I am definetely feeling this I am now sitting at 1164SR after initially placing at 1714SR in support slot I will quite confidently say most often than not players don’t understand or know how to play tank . A lot of time we do lack dps also.
If you are playing a tank and dying instantly its not a lack of healing its out of positioning all the supports require line of sight even those AOE need the team to be in your general range. No healer can outheal Bastion or Reaper or Hogs direct headshot damage.
If you play a shield tank learn how to shield manage this is to extend the life of your shields regenerations or cooldowns. Utilize map coverage pillars/cars/buses even payload if you duck behind or around will reduce damage taken. If the enemy plonks a bastion don’t run mid lane right into him go around the side, take cover, poke if you are alone drag away or get his attention while he tries to shoot your inmovable barrier of the map your team can press kill his shields or charge or bomb.
If you play tanks you need to learn to take charge and lead an engagement this does not mean just randomly charging in missing a pin and dying, figure out how to push them out of the choke maybe its a bubble, maybe its when your junk starts lobbing bombs behind them, once the choke has been broken do not dilly dally standing with your shield up move in. If you play off tank you need to peel for support and back up your main tank because all the off tanks are great at standalone dps.
Misconception with Winston I get a lot of teammates asking me as Winston to be on point like Reign/Orisa amongst the brunt of the damage when no that is incorrect if Winston sits still he will take a lot of damage and die you take high ground and assess the enemy position once the enemy tanks engage you drop on their supports or squishy dps like soldier/ash/mcree/widow/hanzo keeping them out of the fight the longer you can stall without using bubble once you feel the odds have turned maybe you take on ana and a dps peels drop bubble, parry if you can finish them off and/or leap away to where you know the nearest large health pack is you can safely access. The same tactic might need to be used in a defence manner if u see tracer on your supports but you can see more and access parts of the map easier with high ground. Primal Rage is either a second life, stall tactic, or a boop tool .


It doesn’t matter if your team doesn’t know anything about the game. The enemies don’t know more, you are not playing as 6 Bronze versus 6 Diamonds. The enemy team is just as bad, or good, as your team. You are the only constant. If you are an actual god at the game, the enemies have 1 more idiot than you. If you can’t climb, you are the 6th idiot.

Simple. Try throwing as support and see at what SR you end up, then you can go around and tell people how you can’t influence the game.


Suggestions to throw should be considered as trolling even in chat.