Please give back genji's firerate

I have been playing Overwatch since it was released and had invested over 1500 hours on genji. I used to hit 4.3k by playing genji only and has been hitting top500 for seasons. Here are my feedback regarding the new genji nerf.

I have no problem with the damage decrease. As a dive hero with such great mobility and small hitbox , genji shouldn’t be able to insta-kill squishes with most of his combos. 28 damage per shuriken seems to be a reasonable choice.

However, the firerate nerf is extremely DISGUSTING. I understand that you think genji was pushed too far and wanted to pull him down, but that is not the reason you destroy players’ feel of playing him which takes months to build. It is as awful as what you did to hanzo back in the days by changing his arrow speed back and forth. Players need tons of time to get used to the arrow speed so they could pre-aim enemies. It’s the same as genji that players need tons of time to get used to the combo paces with 0.65s right click firerate.

By changing the damage per shuriken, genji players need to change their play style because they can not one-shot squishes that easily and their engagements take much more risks. They have to play with their teammates more. That’s ok. Blizzard nerfed genji this way so that players need to change their play style so that genji becomes a hero that requires lots of team coordination, whom also he is designed to be. But by changing his firerate, Blizzard is simply NOT LETTING PLAYERS PLAYING HIM because it destroys the combo paces which consists of 50% of genji plays. It also gives maximum frustration to players who spent months to get used to the combo paces and feelings of playing genji.

Below are the personal suggestions for nerfing genji.
Plan A:
shuriken damage stays 30
firerate stays 0.65s
dragonblade charge rate decrease 10%(or even 15%)

By doing this, we make genji a close-range damage dealer which can help teammates make solid picks during team fights while not giving him that much capabilities of completely reverting a team fight with his ult. Defensive ults like zen ult and lucio ult can charge equally fast as dragon blade and thus easy to counter him. Nanos will be charged much much faster than dragonblade so that nano blade might not be an economical choice compared to other choices that can be done with nanos.

Plan B:
Shuriken damage 30 -> 28
right click spread 9->10

In this way genji is not that strong during usual team fights. He requires team coordination and will be played mostly to finish off kills and follow up damage. As he can not win most 1v1s against other heroes even those whom he is designed to counter, he maintains his capabilities to do fight-winning ult combos like nanoblade/emp-blade.

Some other personal views:
Widowmaker is still the most broken hero in this game. If genji is ever designed to counter widowmaker, give him the ability to one-shot widow so widowmaker doesn’t get healed or protected by her teammates nearby while genji has no abilities to get out. It also takes genji lots of time and risks to even get close to widow, while she has barely no risks chilling and aiming at the back. All she needs to do is calling for help when genji is on her. She can aim and try to make scary picks to enemies while the enemy genji is trying to even get close.

To summarize, please give back genji’s firerate so that players who have already denoted tons of time practicing him didn’t do all those hard-work for nothing.

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You have the spread tightness that allows to land WAY MORE shurikens at longer distances, that makes the hero “easier” already so make it more spammy too makes zero sense.


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Just revert Genji back to his state before the buffs, average a middle pick so he’s fine like that.


Isn’t the right click fire rate back to what it was before? (can’t remember the numbers).

But it feels about right now. Before it was just like having a machine gun. It looked and felt ridiculous.

I have no problem with the damage decrease.

There was no damage decrease. They upped in from 28 to 30 in June and then put it back down to 28.

the firerate nerf is extremely DISGUSTING

No, because the spread has been reduced. If he had the same fire-rate you would be able to do insane damage in close range.

Widowmaker is still the most broken hero in this game

Lol no.

If genji is ever designed to counter widowmaker, give him the ability to one-shot widow

Because that would be very balanced… you can already do that anyway by deflecting a headshot.

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0 posts Gengu main crying because he is no longer easy to steamroll with.

Widowmaker takes skill, so I wouldn’t agree with you.

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In theory, that might be true, in praxis a squishy is just as dead whether you burst around like crazy and happen to get a headshot (she is horridly broken in how short you need to charge before a crit is a one-shot) or instead actually aim.

I mean, I have only 2min of Widow in QP (so all my stats are from Mystery Heroes), I’m really bad and still my accuracy and crit accuracy is better than yours with 30 hours of QP. Even extremely poor Widow players like the two of us will have a massive impact with just a couple of lucky shots.

That being said though, Genji is even easier to play because his skill set means that no matter how much you mess up, it’s all good.

Really low play time cannot really tell you how good you are with a hero, you might have got a favorable comp + some luck, I’d suggest you to put at least 3 hours in a hero in order to get a better grip of them.

The thing with Widow is, once someone is on your case close up, it’s not easy to avoid, say a Winston is a big counter to Widow. Widow is easy to put pressure on. No-one would let a Widow freeshoot from a distance, a well played out team will work to counter her.

Widow does take skill, you need to be precise, quick, think ahead, this is why you don’t see too many Widows in ranked matches.

They may one shot people, but with good precision. I hate getting one shot by Widows, but I need to strafe and try to avoid her aim, strafing is key.

QP stat does not mean anything, not to mention you only played 2min lmao.

Dude, I got 14 hours on Widow, which I didn’t state specifically, but the approximate of which you might have gathered from context clues. Guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that DPS mains can’t read…

From your previous post:

If you have 14 hours of Widow in Mystery Heroes then you should have stated it clearly because that’s the only chance. Plus if you are talking about MH experience then it’s even less valuable because ppl there surely can’t play 80% of the heroes they end up with.

But I guess Mei/D.Va mains can’t even write.

if you want to buff his rate of fire then nerf the spread, easy. you cant have it both ways buddy, or perhaps they lower his damage again how does 26 damage sound with the faster rate of fire. your talking about breaking a hero here. or maybe we remove the swift strike reset on a kill. bet you don’t think he’s so bad now if that was the case.

Me a support main who’s now used to being nerfed


Sip red wine

Most of you do not even understand what I am talking about.

The firerate nerf completely messed up with the combo paces. It’s fine you nerf the spread or anything. But messed up with the combo paces completely destroys the hardwork genji players put in to get used to the firerate.

you mean it messes up your macro?.. yeah… i know how many genji’s use macro programs to automate the combo…

so sad… cry more, you can’t cheat no more :stuck_out_tongue: