Please steal Mal'Damba


For those of you who don’t know, Paladins is another hero shooter from another company. Paladins features a number of heroes who were clearly “inspired” by the heroes we know from Overwatch.

So it wouldn’t be so bad if Overwatch had a few heroes “inspired” by Paladins. And a dude who uses a live spitting cobra as a weapon is too cool not to “be inspired by”!


Why not, Overwatch is a TF2 rip off that has a lot of Half life elements like Mccrees revolver. Wish they took more guns from Half life as well.


I wish they put the TF2 characters in. The game could honestly use Pyro and Engie.


Paladins did not take ANYTING from OW because paladins was in a development from 2012


Both take inspirations from Team Fortress 2


Oo someone who runs around with a crow bar ??XD


Torb is the closest thing to Engie(would be great if we had a Engie skin for torb,I mean paladins has one for their version for Torb) and mei is a semi piro


mei cant reflect rockets back at solider “COUGH” i mean phara" with airblast… such a fun mechanic i would like to see on a hero that isnt a weeb’s wet dream aka… genji “shudders”


another defkect ability isnt a bad idea,and a pyro hero will be a good idea assuming he will attack like winston or make him throw fire balls


Torbjörn is a very basic and bad version of Engie, as much as I like him.


a simple flamethrower would be fine, just like mei’s but fire instead of ice, and add a burn over time mechanic like ashe’s dynamite

alt fire could throw globs of flammable liquid that coat enemys increasing fire damage and burn over time damage, but have it a slow arcing projectile than can be dodged deflected, dm’ed etc


That i cant argue aginst


I just cant picture the crow bar as a main weapon but it can be an “off weapon” like Torbs hammer or Mercys pistol.
What i wanted them to take from half life is the Tau cannon. It can work as a great tank weapon. And we don’t have hit scan point perfect aim tanks.

Even made a topic on that


This ! It’s like a gauss canon ! Nice idea dude !x