Please stop placing people of lower levels with higher levels

i keep getting put with silver, gold, plat and so leveled people when i am only at level 200.
please placed people with people of similar levels not way higher ones, PLEASE.

Stop playing the game and you might get somewhere. How about that?

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Portrait frames have nothing to do with Skill Rating. Stop spamming threads dude, do a google search for 5 mins and you will get your answers.

As a High Level player with 1914 levels who would you want me to play against in gold and plat, if not gold and plats with a lower level? They are equally good cause they have the same rank! Also if i cant play with anyone but people with my own level who am i going to play? Its not a common thing to see 1800+ players you know, unless you actually are 1800+ you see them maybe once every 5th match. So tell me am i to wait for 4 hours before i can get a game? Nah i dont agree, there is allready some consideration to levels, but i have been beat plenty times by bronzebordered players, level and skill is not the same.

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its not rank, its the level that you are at in the game which goes up when you gain xp.

Yeah… also:
Football leagues should be done in a way where it’s not about how good players are, but how old they are. Obviously, experience is more important than skill, so the premier league should be for all the players 40+, second league for 37-40, and so on. It’s completely ridiculous that right now we have the best players in the premier league, when it’s so obvious that it only really matters how long they’ve been playing for.

I know, i don’t think you understood my post.

Rank and Level are not the same, and Level is not an important factor in terms of team balance. You can play this game for 1000s of hours and still learn the same amount as a potato, time spend is not magic it wont make you better by x ammount of skill every hour. Its no different from school, some people are better at learning than others, though they spend the same ammount of time in class. If you play with a high level player you will be matched with people of similar skill, not experience, because its the best way to give both teams an equally fair chance of winning. Regardless if you play Quick Play or Competitive you will still be matched by skill, as the skill rank you have or the MMR is an invisible number that your account is linked to. If you meet a High level player its because the game thinks you are an even match, despite your lower level you are as good as the higher level player. So I really don’t agree with you.

every one has different way to learn and there are some that have difficulties learning. but really i was talking about how i was placed in every mode comp , qp and ect with players way too high a level then me.

Because you have a similar player on your team or, you are as good as those high level players.

There aren’t enough bronze players in this game. They only make up the bottom 8% of the ladder.

  • Bronze – 8%
  • Silver – 21%
  • Gold – 32%
  • Platinum – 25%
  • Diamond – 10%
  • Masters – 3%
  • Grandmaster – 1%