PS4 disconnections (LC-202) means game is almost unplayable


For the past few days I’ve constantly been getting lc-202 disconnections.
I’ve tried to reset my router, done the port forwarding, disconnected/reconnected my battlenet from PSN
but nothing works.

I can can actually play arcade and custom games but when I try QP it will either disconnect straight away or 2-3 mins into a game.

I’ve got the results from Battle net looking glass but I can’t copy and paste from ps4 browser and I’m not allowed to attach images or links…

How the hell do I get help?

Now getting disonnected from arcade and also getting BC-151 error


Hey Aembak,

You can write down links to images here, just write the link down between `` or select the link and press the </> icon in the text editor. This changes the link to Preformatted text.

If you have the looking glass test ready, link it here so we can have a look.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Hi Nenyasqi,

Here are the links to the looking glass tests