PS4 Discord Community


PS4 Discord Community

Looking for other mature, friendly PS4 players to join our community.

  • Mics are preferred in-game
  • NSFW content is NOT permitted
  • Our server is toxicity-free :slight_smile:
  • Plenty of bot integrations for you guys to benefit from.
  • We do VOD Reviews.
  • All ranks and skill levels are welcome.
  • We will host occasional competitive PUGs.
  • We will start forming scrim teams soon. DM me for more info on this.

We are looking to grow EU presence in the server, there is already a good amount, but we would love to have more.

Message me on discord for the invite link, @ Tippy#1022

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me.


It seems your discord it wrong, can’t find you


I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner, what is your discord tag and I’ll add you.


Selene The Oracle#4835


You can add me




May I join?

PSN name: marsj015094

Discord: Mars#1356


Hi han you inv me plz. Scrapis#7299 hope its not to late:)