Quality of life. Whats that?


Hey! Im an avid overwatch player with multiple accs (Alts not smurfs) and 1000s of hours of play time.
I love this game but it undeniably has issues, some issues are debatable like roll loc k (why is c and k together banned??? sorry but im avoiding this rule, because i cant write this without avoiding it???)
Others are not. Certain things are quality of life and its a shame that they are ignored.
It took league like 9? years to get a replay system so at least we beat them on that!

The issue I want to talk about is maps. Im sure its been said before but nothings been said on the topic by the devs (at least thats popular enough for me to hear)

Firstly what caused me to want to make this post? I was playing earlier and my team got Paris. Lets be real most of the community hates this map. Its hanamura choke but worse. Its old echienwalde. Its pain.

Someone on my team said ‘someone please leave’ and an enemy smurf actually did (Mid master sr) I mention it to my friends (im in Jaynes server and multiple other active OW discords) I had plenty of people tell me they would do the same/have see it in the past.

There are 21 maps in the game. I can name at least three id rather never play again. My pic ks would be Paris, Illios and maybe Route 66 or another 2CP

I dont see why i have to play these maps that I felt genuine relief and joy seeing be bounced.

There are many solutions and im no dev I dont have all the knowledge but even letting players just pic k 1-3 maps they wouldnt que into (all modes inclusive) would be a godsend. Or anything really, If i have to see Illios again i might just cry.
This game is just that; A game! I shouldnt feel such resent for a part of it.

Oh ill put this in here because why not
Stat trac king? More stats?
A confirm button on Que (Ive had 6 stac ks where i miss that one guy is afk and he loses 50 sr for no reason :C)
If enough playerbase to support a 6 stac k competitve que could be cool

All these things are fundamental and the old justification was ‘overwatch would be toxic with a scoreboard’ or whatever but the game is awfully toxic anyway and comp is a joke in most peoples eyes, even if they still play it. So scoreboards cant make it any worse

Debatable but an interesting idea would be to slow down on hero releases and do some lore while also cleaning up heroes like brig doom sombra bastion. (heroes that are either Unfun, Underpowered or have Issues with Core Design)
Also committing to a style of development would be good, are you going to balance top down or bottom up? considering its an Esport is that really a choice?
Communicating new ideas! Yes some people are toxic but I at least would love to know whats happening with the game I love.

Sorry for the wall of text! I doubt anyone who can do anything will read this but if you do I appreciate it thanks!


Well hopefully when there will be like 15 -20 maps of each mode we will get a ban system for x or y map. Till then I doubt it will be changed. We can only hope they will rework the Paris map as they did before with some maps .

Also a ready chec`k option for when people use the lfg sytem would be nice.


Yes, I thought it was me

what the hell is C + K.

Maybe visit the main (US - MAIN) forum :slight_smile:

You won’t have the problem there, and much more responses then here.