Ramattra balance suggestion (Diamond)

I tested out the new tank for a bit and have three suggestions

  • give him a flat avoid (dodge or parry non AoE effects) chance in monk form, not sure how much % though.
  • prolong barrier duration by 2 s (why does it need to go away that fast again even? I don’t see the point behind its super short duration)
  • he should be immune to cc while blocking in nemesis form or at least while ulting in nemesis form.

I feel without these he will be inferior to tanks like Orisa and Winston in any situation except when standing in a narrow hallway or something.

He’s probably going to be meta as he is now…

So if you buff/add these things. What would you take away in compensation nerfs?

Btw, the shield is designed like that to be a quick, skill block. Many longer and you might as well just have Orissa’s OW1 shield. And that sucked.

The problem is that his shield is clunky to deploy. If the duration isn’t increased, he should be made smoother overall (less delays). So it can either be used as quick emergency shield or it has a setup delay but in turn lasts longer.
I would be surprised if he really becomes meta after people got used to him, except in lower ranks. Winston, Hog and even Rein and especially Sigma and Orisa seem all more consistent.

It’s no more clunky than Meis wall. It’s not perfect, but it’s not meant to hold your hand.

Until the nerfs/rework to hog come through in the mid season… It’ll probably be Ramatrra, Hog and Junker Queen.