Random thought I wondered about


Firstly this is not a rant about the report system, but this is simply something I randomly thought about.

here is the scenario:
You’re playing competitively as Wrecking Ball suddenly as you are going from places between hooking onto walls, ceiling, etc suddenly in one of your combos or jumps gets you stuck in an obvious spot where everyone can see you.

Of course, you are in an embarrassing situation, but say the enemy team sees you stuck and are unable to do anything cause you are stuck in animation and is unable to shoot or do anything and you lets say on a 2 cap map and the game had gone on to the part where its first tick win. the fact that the game in a way has made it a 5v6 giving the enemy team an advantage well here is the main question for this post.

Would it be a reportable offense if the enemy team purposefully exploited that you got stuck and got they got the win?


I don’t think it would, they didn’t get you stuck there, even though they took the advantage of it, it wasn’t something that they made happen.

It would make a LOT more sense if you actually reported the place where hammond got stuck, instead of the players on the enemy team. People are getting reported for ridiculous reasons already.