Rank decay still a thing?

Just played 10 matches on DPS:
Won 5
Lost 5

Diamond 3 was my final rank last season.
Now I am Platinum 1.

I thought Blizzard have stopped Rank decay - if they have, then what the hell happened? Surely this isn’t another new bug introduced into the game?

They tied ranking closer to mmr. It could be that the ai thought that your rank was boosted and tweaked it or it really is a bug.

Wasn’t the mmr fix done a previous season?
I don’t think an adjustment would of happened given I’d played many DPS/TANK/SUPPORT games over last season, it would surely of aligned - especially without any announcement in the patch notes. No other ranked games to my knowledge and just bodge peoples rank and just adjust it as they see fit.

I play solo queue so there is no way it could of been boosted.

I’ve raised it on the tech forum so hopefully someone at Blizzard will review and respond, though no doubt I’ll have to wait a year or so for someone to get round to actually respond… Someone there is accountable surely.

It might be faster to get a reply on the us forum, and as i said it could be a bug.

I didn’t play comp at all last season since there seemed to be a lot of rank confusion and issues floating about.