Rank ruined by players throwing

Had so many games recently with people throwing in ranked

How am I supposed to ranknup when you get people doing this crap. Its pathetic. Just check out this replay. Doom just feeding all game not attacking.

Replay code: GK82FK

By playing. If you’re good enough to climb you’ll climb if you play more.

People have been throwing games since day 1 of OW1, and people have always climbed to the right ranks.

(If they were throwing) annoying yes, ban them asap. But it isn’t stopping you climbing. Just stopping you winning one match.

This is just one example of many. It is definitely worse in OW2. I was consistently plat in OW1 now struggle to get out of silver. Never exoerienced this amount of feeders and throwers before

I don’t think it is. Since lfg was removed, the amount of people hard throwing has massively dropped.

But if over a season you’re dropping ranks, that’s not because of “throwers” sadly.

Lmao it really is. Pretty ignorant to dusmiss someones experience. It not just throwers its beinf paired with DPS. Teams that run in as individuals just to die. Im consistantly top support and with good dps damage. I know its not me.

Your name really is descriptive of you.

It’s very classic of people to blame others rather than deal with what they can control.

Throwers will ruin some games. Not a season, or your ability to climb / find your rank. (Unless you only play a small number of games).

It’s frustrating I know. But these system are designed in such a way to dilute that impact over a season. The best players still manage to reach the top ranks facing the same number of “rouge” elements you and I face.

Lmao sp ignorant. If the majority of games consust of dps that run in solo constantly dying, throwers, tanks that cant tank in games more often than not then it a legit experience. The game is not balance its random bature does not balance it out. The game us not designed to “dilute” anything.

Honestly seen a lot of your comments and they are so ignorant. I’ll happily admit when ive had a bad game, and I kow im no GM, I also know that in a large portion of my games there are people who dont do teamwork, throw games, feed etc.

You really love gaslighting people. Id be inclined to agree if i wasnt consistently top support whilst out DPSing my DPS.

Focus more on you, and less on blaming others.

It’s better for you, and breeds less toxicity in game.

Trust in game im not toxic i try to get synergy and team work. Its just the experiences I have.

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I didn’t mean you personally. Just in general.

Most of the toxicity in game is just players blaming others. 99% they are utterly wrong anyways, so why bother.

I get you. You are right toxicity in game is not helpful. I had a game then with a reaper who was clueless and was spamming the chat that the other DPS was terrible though they had 5x the dane and elims

The worst player is always the loudest…

Sometimes though you meet good people. I had a game last night where my power cut out twice, both times we were hard rolling them at the time. My leaving twice threw the game.

Added a couple of the people in the game and apologised. Now we’ve just spent a few hours smashing some ranked games and having a laugh.

But my tip is always the same. Stay cool. Yes things like throwers, DC’s, maybe even a smurf might ruin the odd game here and their. But tilting will ruin far more of your games.

Today alone i played 15 matches. Of those 6 had people either afk or feeding the entire game. I went down 3 ranks. But i guess its my own fault is what you are saying? Absolutely wild

Definitely not you. It is just poor matchmaking, and a poor report system.

You clearly have no idea how the ranking system works. Read up before you comment on something that you are clueless about.

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