Ranked Match Consistent Losing Streak

Is anyone experiencing a bad losing streak? I’ve been slowly climbing to gold. I reached gold , went up slightly more. Then for the majority of my matches daily they are losses due to teammates leaving, trolling or new to placement matches. I’ve now dropped to bronze. Every match I play it’s like my teammates are new to a hero and or won’t counter enemies.


I’m mid-plat. I’m certainly no pro, but i’ll give a few tips.
Never play into a loss-streak. You tend to tunnel vision, concentrate less, get tilted easier and lose SR overall. Take a break and come back either a few hours later or the next day.

Warm up before you play. I can’t stress it enough especially if you’re playing mechanically demanding heroes.

Think about your play. It’s easy to just mindlessly go in and do the things you normally do but if you think about the things you’re doing you’ll find yourself improving. A good example would be throwing out a damage orb as Moira when you, 1, have a full healing meter, 2, have your ultimate and 3, aren’t using it to guarantee a kill. All you’ll be doing at that point is feeding the enemy supports ultimate meters. That’s gonna make the job of your DPS harder. The big flashy plays in this game are set up by the smaller individual decisions like that.

Group with people you trust to have your back.

Watch some videos to improve. Jayne’s vod reviews are an excellent resource, a long watch as some of them peak over an hour but they’re highly, highly educational.

You’ll make it back to gold pal. Focus on your plays and learn when you mis-play.

Losing streaks happen, this game can be a real pain at times in ranked.

This happened to me once back when I was popping off once. I got to around 2900 sr then hit a streak where 18/20 games had a leaver or admitted thrower. And I took alot of breaks and came back with a fresh mind to. One of them i legit had 5 golds after 1 round on lucio before anyone had left yet (we held perfectly and someone left later). It was unlucky but I knew I deserved better so I just carried back to 2900 and later got to diamond. I think loss streaks suck but I honestly think it’s just luck and maybe the time you are playing might have more trolls and young people on. Loss streaks is something alot of people experience though