Ranked still broken

I have played quite a few games on overwatch competitive as damage I won quite a lot now but I am still stuck in bronze 5 and cannot rank up no matter what

Winning doesn’t mean ranking up. It means getting reviewed.


Try hard and better to do,couple games dosn’t mean anything,some people trying for a months to achive something some get within one week depend on your efford that you put to the game.

I confirm that something’s totally broken because I’ve been playing a lot of games with a friend and they’re Silver 5 whereas I’m still stuck in Bronze 5. It’s just weird, isn’t it? Same games, same wins/losses yet my friend is able to progress whereas I can’t.

That would suggest the performances are off, not the ranks.

Hi Heiler,

Report the issue to the Technical forum.
Maybe the devs have missed something/potential edge case from when they fixed the original bug.

It’s entirely likely given the shambles they actually allowed to go into prod lol.

Best of luck mate.

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