Ranking System is awful and blizzard should be ashamed of this game

I really don’t understand how this system works. All it seems to do is reward boosted players. Open the game start of season go 5-2. Instantly go from gm4 to gm5. That is a 70% WIN RATE. There is no way that I’m punished and you can say oh well your mmr is bad. How is it when I am gm1 on tank and dps normally. If I’m winning games why would it matter? This just an awful system Overwatch 1 was a better game in every way. 4 years of doing aboslutely nothing.

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Too true.
The old system was much better, no smoke and mirrors, you knew where your SR was precisely. No doubt this new concept allows them to not bother fixing defects in the game as they’re no longer visible.

They have gone backwards with this concept, but added a % vs the population of that division, which I see has a half ar*ed attempt at making something good.