Ranking system is dogsh*t

Change the ranking system back to before please, I’m sick and tired of this sh*t.
No one had any issue with it before so why did you change it???
Ohhhh I know
To make the game seem newer? Get more money? Not surprised tbh blizzards greed has no end.
Change it now


Many people had issues with the old system, and the theory behind the new one is sound. It needs work though.

It is based on a start lower and earn the higher ranks… rather than the old system which placed you safely higher and pushed you down, which was demoralising for some players.

But that’s not how it’s working? I ranked silver 3, went to gold 5, to gold 3. Since hitting gold 3 I went 7-4, 7-4. So 14-8 and stay in gold 3?

How is not being able to see what the hell is going on with my elo good? I don’t want to play coz I really don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes.


What was your SR in OW1.

Something people need to realise is that now, winning doesn’t give you the right to climb. Otherwise you’d just play with a smurf and get boosted.

But my point was it’s dumb not seeing the workings. 2300, so you could argue that I’m where I left overwatch 1, but I’m 35-27 for the season.

You could argue that’s 200 SR on average in the old system.

I don’t disagree, but I also completely see why they’ve done it.

Rank anxiety, and the kick in the guts when you see that number go down, or not go up as much as you thought really effected a surprisingly large amount of people. This system takes a lot of that pressure off.

Personally, I wasn’t one of those, but knowing wins and losses are less impactful to your progress is nice. Means I can just play chill and focus on maximising what I bring to the table.

If you’re where you were in OW1 and not going up with a small win margin, like going 7-6, then your MMR says you are exactly where you should be. This is where you have choices to make. do you focus on improving, accept your fate and enjoy playing or call it quits.


Raise it on the tech forum. They should be able to review your account and comment on it.
Many people are reporting these issue across the forums.

14-8 isn’t a small win ratio in any game though. And I know 2 of those losses were caused by salty players dying once and afking. Like I said, in the old system the 14-8 I’ve just went would likely be close to 200 SR, so in the new system should be at least 1 division.

I lost 12 games in a row at the end of OW1 dropping from platinum and yeah it was awful to see myself drop, game after game, but at least I knew where I stood. There’s no reward in winning 7 games twice with nearly a 66% win ratio for no knowledge of where I stand. Like I’m fairly sure I go 7-4 again, I’m promoted to gold 2, but that’s not rewarding or fun. Most people playing are enjoying the game, yet hating on the ranked system, which says a lot about the current system if you ask me.

Ranking system cannot be better then it is now ,which mean is PERFECT. Please behave also, show some respect to the others visitors on forum.

Is it crime if you have a Family and company in 2022?
I disagree with all what you’d said
On the end , game is free to play, and we have battlepass which is 5x at least from mine opinion better.

I agree that ranked system is terrible. ex Plat player, now I’m stuck on gold 3, I’m always best dmg dealer in the team (no I don’t farm dmg on the tank), best eliminations, 60% win rates. So don’t keep saying “performance issues”. I can recognize when I do poor performance.
If it’s based on performace then devs should show the stats required, like average stats.
In games like LoL they show you what you did bad and what you can improve.
Like this makes no sense.
Old system was better, show me the points.

I think some people are happy because they got their ranked boosted randomly.

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=> or some people are upset that they aren’t as good as they thought they were now that the rank system is finally fixed.

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how can you say is fixed? what did they fixed exactly? they just hide the score and added some stupid algorithm that decides your rank based on secret stats. How can you be fine with that?

please tell me.
Of course I’m upset, I’ll be good if the system tell me why “I’m not good as I thought”

I bet you are one of the lucky guys who got pushed in higher rank after placements. I’m one of the guys who were placed bronze 5.
Ex plat on ow1, multiple master on apex legends. I know basic stuff on how to play fps.
This system sucks

This will make lose players. Is not rewarding at all and makes no difference if I put effort in the game or not

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In OW1 my ranking was all over the place (as a support main, mostly as mercy). I was diamond-gold-plat at random depending on how good my teammates were. On youtube you can also find video’s where pro players try to climb rank in OW1 as mercy and admitting that it is one of the most difficult hero’s to climb rank. In OW1 I healed 20% more on avarage than other supports at those rankings (with any hero).

In OW2 since it is 5vs5 you have a bigger impact on the game than in 6vs6 for obvious reasons. Also with the statts showing, I learned how to improve my gameplay. I started from Bronze 5 and went up to master 4 consistently and I think now I’m at 5 wins and 1 loss so still going up. I still outperform for the majority of other support players.

What I did in OW2 was simply not possible in OW1 because now they seem to take into account your personal performance and not simply your win rate. In OW1 it also felled like it forced a 50/50 win rate. If I had 2 wins in a row, there seemed to be an increased chance to have bad DPS players the third game so you would lose.

The most important reason why I think the rank system was fixed is that for me at least, 80% of the games are very close until the end. You don’t know who will win until the game is over and that is great.

In OW1 it was 2/3 of the games where one team would completely destroy the other.

Exactly this. Well said.

The most important reason why I think the rank system was fixed is that for me at least, 80% of the games are very close until the end. You don’t know who will win until the game is over and that is great.

I think this is true when you start hitting ranks above plat
This is not true for lower ranks. My experience is different, I get games where we destroy them and games where we have players in placement with 10 hours of gameplay (I check profiles)

this system can work only with more transparency.
Like “you did 8k damage, average is 10k so you get less points” “you did 18 elim, average is 20 and blabla…”
So players know what is not working.

useless reply, give some contribute to the post and tell us your experience

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Agreed old system was better.

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I’d prefer the old system where you can see your rating update after each game. I’m not really interested in this 7 wins/20 losses thing.

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I am really finding this rank system frustrating…if in the last 7 games my win ratio is much higher than loses then surely I should go up a rank. In most games I am performing well…certainly well above bronze 5. I manged to get 7 wins and 1 loss and eventually got up to bronze 3…then I got grouped in with people who just quit the match and its an instant loss, so I am getting penalised for this crap. Now I am back to bronze 5. The rank system needs to take into account personal performance as well. at the moment I am not inspired to play as there feels like no progression.

There are still many reports coming out from players where they’re seeing inconsistencies/issues around the ranking issues.

Unfortunately we have no sight on Blizzards QA team/what they’re finding, even how they’re testing it.

Given what was delivered into Prod for the world to experience, we can imagine they’re just incompetent… or haven’t even vested any time to testing this system to any extent.

The fix that they applied at the start could be considered a mere “fix” but no solution.