Ranking system is garbo (why is it this way?)

why? the game tries to get “balanced” matches in RANKED, rather than putting people at proper rank it just gives you worse teammates the better you perform (no matter the outcome) but you will lose sr if you lose (here the outcome matters regardless of performance which breaks balance), i was getting consistently 3 golds per match (and don’t tell me gold doesn’t matter) and i kept losing more and more so then i decided to start playing like people in the rank i am placed in (overly aggressive, don’t care about doing what your role is supposed to do and do whatever), i start getting a lot of silver/bronze and even no-medals and what do you know a few matches later i get the carrying team , one that i can hardly match their performances (although the sr barely changed) as opposed to the old teams i usually get that i could easily overdo with my butt-cheeks
i haven’t played a whole lot of ranked lately so it might be pure coincidence but it kinda seems related to me.

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We had performance based SR, and it didnt Work because judging how well Someone played is impossiple from stat point og view

So sick of this broken system I just played my support placement matches first 3 I won and had reasonable teammates then the next 2 games had 2 russians in each game and the team were playing like they didnt care about the result the rein was charging into the group for no reason and the DPS were just running at them 1 by 1 and dying

The next game again 2 russians one orisa and the other bastian and they were playing like they are trying to lose the game. I asked people to join the voice chat no one spoke then the russian joined and started trash talking and swearing in his language sounded like he was trying to be funny to his friend by being rude and purposly trying to make people mad

After all that I get placed in the same rank as last season so what is the point if the game is forcing me to lose games when I start to climb

I think it is now some kind of hobby, teenagers have it probably as some kind of entertainment. They might say something like: “Let’s go troll OW, yeah, community there is so naive and Blizzard is helping us, let’s go and have some fun with upsetting people, what more you can ask for 20 bugs :)”

We have that so Blizzard can balance out smurf players. Yeah is if that works right?

I agree, I’m also getting fed up of the people who literally only queue DPS and then proceed to get fewer kills and damage than the tanks and in some games supports, all whilst they’re also doing their jobs!

I feel that the only or high playing dps players need to be hit with harsher sr loss and lower sr gain for wins, or how about do it on their actual damage and kills? You know like if they don’t have a medal on damage after a full length game they get like 1 sr for a win and lose like 50, it’s to the point where picking tank or support is literally a gamble as to whether or not you get good or bad dps players. Most of the time it turns into a battle of the tanks and support with the dps doing very little.

You really have no idea how a ranking systems works…

If this wasn’t the case, this could be abused. for example (Someone left the game and the game desides to tie. you can just feed the enemy so they get sr?)

Lost all my tank games,won all my healer games : Tank Rate 2727 , Healer rate : 2680,yep.i was around there last season too,so,do whatever,throw the games,wait for next game™ , if you have 1 single thrower in the game,wait it out,its either 6 or none,i ll never go 5v6 while people afk/jump of cliffs.No way Jose.

I agree with the OP that the SR system could be better - to put it mildly. I dont think that it is impossible to create a point system based on your personal performance. And that is what players deserve.

Example: If I play Sig and have gold dmg, eli, and the 2 tank medals - that can be a clue that I dont deserve a -20 SR, give me -2 or 0.

Tbh, i dont care anymore about this game, its broken and devs cannot fix it. Not enough original devs and too many noob devs. Lets hope ranking system will be better in OW2, if not, that game is dead before it comes out.

But yeah, this game awards those who use money to buy new accounts, it sucks, but it seems Chinese overlords wont give enough money to blizz, so they need these s#itty ways to make money.

And another problem is the new roll system when you cant change in game. Before if i could see the team needed something i could change too that fast and have greater chance to win. Now you stuck whit your role (dps/heal or tank) and can see the lost coming and cant do anything against it. Cus you all know that no one listen to you in chat or care, how kind you try to be or leader style.

I didnt pay for these kind of game and for blizzard too total remake it. Then i should be able to get refound or atleast get OW2 for free.

Competitive is just completely saturated with Smurfs. The players in Silver aren’t bad necessarily, they just don’t care about winning. This makes it really hard for people to climb organically.

Placements only count 1st time you do them, after that is aprox. +/- 100 sr from where you left off last season.