Ranking System is inefficient and unrewarding

The ranking system of this game as we are well aware now is disgustingly bad. It is supposed to take into account the individual performance of a player alongside the overall game score, but there is absolutely no evidence of this. For example, a player could be gold 2 and then go onto win 4 games flawlessly, performing a mile higher in every aspect in contrast to the other players on either teams. Then the player could lose 1, then win another 2, but because of that loss the succession spree is thrown off, so despite in every game played, they were the MVP with the highest damage, point time, healing, whatever it may be, that is NOT included in the rank you receive after your 5 wins, because the player would ultimately stay gold 2. The crazier part is in this example the player in subject was originally plat 2, every other season before current. This shows that the ranking system doesn’t take into account performance at all and focuses only on how many losses you had before your 5 wins. If performance was counted, the prior 5 seasons of high plat to low diamond would be taken into consideration when the ranking algorithm is attempting to make an awful choice, but then also the performance of said player in games does not impact the overall rank after the 5, so if the team is perhaps gold 4 average, then his gold 2 rank means nothing overall, and when faced with a loss? The game values the player at gold 2, rather than the rank they are consistently performing at.


I remember when they said that even if you got MVP, even if you smashed the stats per game and landed 5-5 overall from the games, you experience no rank change.

The problem with hiding the SR value, they can say anything, without being able to see the SR, you can prove nothing, and neither do they need to prove anything. The SR system was clear, now, it’s hidden. God knows what issues are occuring back there.

Even when they said there will be no rank decay (on season 4 or 5) I drew 5-5 overall, and dropped two divisions.

I raised it on here, and on the technical forum, and had no response.
Laughable. Absolutely laughable.

What would of worked for me is for the rank decay to be provided back to me. Again, it was likely another bug as the decay should not of happened given the latest comms/patch info. They specifically said no rank decay following season 4/5)