Ranking System: Positive winrate, still ranked down 5 times

It all began when I got to dia5 on support.

For the next rank adjustment I got 5 wins and 1 lose.
And I got ranked down to plat1
Of course I was pissed, because it felt extremely unfair to get ranked down with that winrate.

But that wasnt the end of that.
The next rank adjustments went as follows:
5 wins / 3 loses → rank down to plat 2
5 wins / 2 loses → rank down to plat 3
5 wins / 2 loses → rank down to plat 4
5 wins / 3 loses → rank down to plat 5

Positive winrate every time. Half the loses where caused by leavers or griefers in the second round (but the extreme leaver problem is another topic). But some where just stomps, or kinda close games, where the enemy team was just better.

Before anyone tries to explain mmr to me, I get it, it exists and allegedly does stuff.

But that is not what the game is showing me. The game clearly shows me my wins (and my loses if I go into the match history). No magic, elusive, intransparent mmr. And even if this cryptid called mmr is responsible for those rank downs, how exactly do I have such a bad mmr that this kind of stuff happens? That seems like it should be absolutely impossible.

And as a player I cant even express enough how absolutely infuriating this system is.
Also it just feels completely arbitrary and malicious, getting ranked down with a very positive winrate.

By this point we all know that the matchmaking in Overwatch 2 is probably the worst that ever existed in a videogame. I just want to shine another light on this very evil feeling nonsense.

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Your MMR is much lower than your visible rank, so you’re losing far more SR in defeat than you’re gaining in victory.

Essentially, the system thinks you’re on a boosted account

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That to me reads as bizarre. How can 5 overall wins vs 2 losses justify a derank.
Have you reported this to the technical forum, hopefully someone from Blizzard can check that out.

You must be getting 5 SR for a win and 50SR reduction for a loss > if you imagine the bands between Plat 3-4 being 100SR. Example values, but you get the point.

The account is possibly new too… Which would account for some bigger adjustments.

I am playing on an old account I deranked way back in OW1… the skill gap from Silver to Plat is huge (in terms of game sense especially). So the likelihood is MMR is way lower than their visible rank.

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As I said, if there is some magic mmr number, why not show it?
My main point is, this feels completely arbitrary and unfair as it is shown to me in the game.
Also I doubt my elusive mmr would be that bad. My first way to dia was very slow, I would think there was plenty of time to adjust correctly.

Yes, it is bizarre. I did not report it to the technical forum, I might try that.
But overall I care more about this unfair behaviour then I care about my rank. If low platin is where I belong, so be it. But dont put me there like this.

I used this Account way back in OW1 too. I barely played and I think I was gold back then before I stopped for 4+ years.
But even then, I played in all 3 seasons in OW2 and my mmr from back then shouldnt matter one bit anymore.

They changed a few things in season 3, so people’s visible ranks are adjusting to their MMR much faster.

So there is nothing funny going on. The system thinks you’re high gold/low play and you’re not doing anything in game to prove it wrong. So you gain little and lose a lot until you’ve found your level.

so you haven’t played on this account for 4 years so yeah it will basically treat it as new account.season 3 has new mmr so probably its adjusting yours

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This might be true what you talking about, but, here is the thing, you might or I would say probably lost 2 important games and won the rest, the reason why you get ranked down, I believe is all bout MMR

It is still guessing though. If you leave or get disconnected - you will be punished as well. I usually leave the games and dropped to gold from diamond. But when the dog barks, or see that the game is useless, just quit it and say fo. I have another account where I stay in the higher rank.