Rein shield is too much hp

Rein shield must be around 800. On 1200 HP it is too much. Far too much, it is more that Sigmas and Orisa combined. Cmon…

you cant compare ranged orisa and sigma with a melee rein …

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First off Rein’s shield used to have 2000 HP. Second of all he can’t just place his shield down and still attack, hence he has more.


Rein shield must be around 3000 to make you suffer


lol what? No it isn’t. It can get melted quickly.

How about u avoid it when u are playing as widow and pick someone that can shred shields instead of complaining?

Did you said just said around 800 hp? This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Rein is literally one of the most balanced heroes in the game so you can’t tell me this


I hope every inch of my suffering will be transfer to your mom.

Calm down now edge lord.