Reinhardt B-hop got removed BUT Mercy Super-jump is still in the game,WHY!?

If u removed a tech as the overwatch community calls it,“bugs i call it” to keep the game Overwatch inside certain ground rules then good on u i love that,but removing a tech/bug that Reinheart can only use one time every ULTIMATE and this is outside of your ground rules,then WHY is Mercy Super-jump something that she can spam as often as she has SHIFT off cool down still in the game,or not even reworked to be a ability on its own with its own cool down?


they already took out her mass resurrection thingies which was huge . just because your rein is no longer pampered ,doesnot mean other heroes should suffer

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i think its their inconsistent stance on what they believe are bugs.
they’ve acknowledged that mercy’s super jump is a bug and they said they have no intention of removing it but then remove other tech that they deem to be a bug.


Because that would be a nerf to a support who is already probably the second worst (behind Moira right now).

No point.

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i think it’s because mercys super jump is basically considered tech because it’s not breaking the game and it can be used without external factors that she wouldn’t use on a normal basis.

reins B-Hop is basically just meme tech.

but i wouldn’t be surprised if they someday went looking back on mercy to remove that piece of tech in order to give her something else.
because right now that mercy jump tech is so integral to the character that it’s hard to play her at any higher rank without it.

i’m guessing it’s similar with doomfists roofsliding rocket punch tech.
it’s there because it has to or else they would need to buff the actual character.

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When did Rein ever need “external factors” to use hes Bhop,he never did,he uses hes CDs just the same as Mercy uses hers, yes the ultimates are classified as cool downs,long CDs but there still CDs.

Mercy super jump was heavy memed on when the bug/tech got more mainstream and more and more people started to learn how to use it,people ruptured blood vessels when encountering it for the first time,and still do to this day.

either u remove tech completely for all heros to make is fair for every one or if it can be good for the hero then rework it to fit the heros kit with a proper cooldown.

I hate that **** so much!!!,yet one more reason for us that are not Doom players to not like the map temple of anubis.


Mercy is not bad,her kit really useful in most comps

then explain which b-hop you’re talking bout?
the one where you can jump after charge to get like an additional 5 meters from the momentum?
or the one where you can basically hump a piece of geometry with shatter?

The one which you could use to slam up to 5 seconds after triggering the ‘hammer down’ voiceline, or slam yourself out of a grav

oh so the jump before the slam that did make you able to hump a piece of rubble for an entire round.
sad to see it go because it was really handy to use to get out of gravs occasionally.

This isn’t correct. But I can see why people think that.

If you are playing someone like Ashe, Pharah, Echo so she can dmg boost… it is worth considering her as an option.

Otherwise, every other support (bar Moira) will have a lost more utility to support your team with.

This is why you see a lot of Orissa Sig Bap Brig, or Ball D.Va Zen Brig higher up. Both those options do far more than Mercy can ever help with.

This is true, Moira is one off the worst healers right now but to say Mercy is competing for that title is not correct, in this double shield meta the order is as followed from bad to good to meta,
1 Moira 2 Lucio (cuse Rein is not meta) 3 Ana (cuse 2 shield is a thing, its hard for her to heal and do carry plays) 4 Mercy (cuse even tho alot of Mercy players like to say shes bad and that rez is bad its still the second most broken CD in the game after Bap lamp, and damage boost is allways nice to have) 5 Baptist (Bap is optimal to use in double shield or most comps, with EOE healing hes range healing with a little EOE, hes good damage to use at the enemys shields or enemys out of position, hes ult for again enemy shields and enemys out of position AND then we have hes E the most broken CD in the game
Immortality Field to save your stupid teammates stupid mistake)
and 5 Brigitte/Zen (why are Brig and Zen in the same slot for the best healers if u are a meta slave and u know how to play the meta, its cuse Brig protects Zen protects Brig they can sit far in the back from the main fight, Brig heals the DPS and can heal the tanks if need be, Zen heals the DPS and the tanks if need be and puts alot of pressure on the enemy team shields, and ofc discord for even more pressure on the enemy DPS or out of
position healers or even the enemy tanks if there shields break).

Mercy has never been quote “worst” ever at anything in any comp to ever exsist, dont get me wrong she is not meta like she was in the moth V1 and moth V2 or sniper grave meta, but she is more then useful in almost any comp.

i’d argue that moira isn’t technically the worst healer right now, both her orb and ultimate goes through barriers, then only issue with moira is that she can’t refill her resources, but compared to mercy, mercy is just a damage boost for 1 dps to try and burn through barriers.

really the only thing mercy has got going for her is revive and mobility, and if 1 thing dies everything dies anyways because it crumbles, as for mobility it’s not gonna do you any good in a very static composition, therefore moira is technically better than mercy, because atleast moira have a chance at running away or help pressuring the enemy behind their barriers where as mercy don’t.

but yeah if we take into account every composition mercy is just less bang for your buck in every situation except for 2 things, pharah/mercy and mercy/ashe, but aside from that, there’s no reason to really pick her over other supports.

mercy is only ok when everything else is less consistent to get good use out of them.

It’s not the healing that’s the issue.

It is the utility.

Moiras kit is garbage in comparison to others.

Now, if you’re playing a close map like Control Centre and playing a Rein Zarya Lucio Moira rush… then she’s alright. Outside of that you can pick anyone else and be of more use.

People seem to think its all about healing…

Brig Zen Ball is one of the strongest comps, becasue of the dmg output. But it requires good rotations and map control (and the Brig to hand hold Zen). So this is why it isn’t effective lower down, becasue we aren’t very good at those basic things.

wow, of all things to complain about, Mercy’s superjump, which 9/10 Mercy players can’t do anyway.

I understand that this is a communication problem on Blizzard’s part. When you say something is a bug but then say oh we’re keeping this bug but removing that other bug, it just makes things confusing and messy and leads to threads like this of players saying hey, what about that bug and this bug?

Just come out and say it’s an intended feature of her kit. Simple, we all move on.


It is a intended feature in the same way that Rein Winstons and Widow pressing Spacebar at the end off Rein shift to get 1/2 extra meters when doing the charge travel or Winston doing a extra B-hop after lading hes main jump to cover 1/2 extra meters, the difference with Mercy is that her “tech” is game changing for Mercy, it makes her do a jump vertically with the almost if not the same range/distance as if she would do it horizontally with a 25/30 meter range, this is worthy of its own CD button if u are gonna keep it in the game as a feature for Mercy, its not a 1 or 2 extra meters like Rein and Winstons “tech”.

but then people will go say
“but what about Widowmaker and her jump shot she flys like 15/20 meters in the air when using this tech, this dont have a CD on its own,how is this fair?”
and to that i say, Widow jumpshot IS a intended feature “tech” developed by the DEVs, how do i know, it is a challenge and a spray in the game for using it made by the Devs them selfs.

but you could get that widow achievement by just falling down from a ledge, that’s how i got it since there’s a cooldown on grapple, it just gave me more chances to get it basically.

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unconventional ways on getting the achievement sprays is possible i will not deny that.

how do you know that wasn’t the intended way?

intended meaning particular purpose or as planned

nobody never consistently have gotten the spray/achievement the way u got it, not even in beta(that i got to play) when tech was unknown to be used, the achievement are intended to be possible to get on all maps but in your way on doing it its only a few maps it can be done, and i dont think the Devs wanted to go out off there way on doing it as difficult as possible to get the achievements, your way on getting the spray is “unconventional” and harder to do, i honestly did not know it was possible to do it this way before my brother did it with random luck as he called it.