Remove mcrees rightclick


its just plain stupid. insta death


Well remove, revert it to its previous form and give him actual stuff that he needs, like mobility or survivability.


Remove players that cant counter one of slowest least mobile characters in the game.


Ok remove reapers left click, its plain stupid, its insta death for mcree without ability to kill him after Flash.


Interesting right ? Some random dude in the forum knows better how to fix Mcree than the actual blizzard devs

no, for real though

I think it isn’t about it being “op” and more about it being just stupid. I mean I get brigitte pre nerf flashbacks when getting rightclicked by mcree


The whole reason it is bad is, that it is a buff that caters, like reaper, to the majority of the lower playerbase. Sure the FOTH is nice on tanks at high level etc, might get you some cheeky kills, but if you can´t left click as well, you are gonna have a hard time.

The reason i know so much about Mccree, outside my 14 years of FPS gaming, is that i mained him all through most of the later seasons of dive and in triple tank.
The reason i want it reverted is, that it gives often too much value for how stupidly easy it is to right click, i don´t even want it at all, remove the whole ability and gimme something else like mobility or survivability, hell even some net i slow with idk, anything but the right click is better.


I am playing mcree a lot and yes its little bit overpowered but so is reaper or hammond in ranks bellow yours. And this stronger foth helps a lot against them.


Well i wouldnt know about hammond he is quite the feed in low ranks, but reaper i understand, why low ranks struggle with, where FOTH certainly helps. But we shouldn´t need both to be the case, reaper got just equally bad buffs as mccree.

Reaper should still be far better than Mccree at low ranks, cause of how squishy he is.


When McCree’s flashbang is up, you should not be near him anyway. Keep track of his flash bang before getting close and he will be an easy kill.

His right click is used for shredding tanks and his famous Stun Right click combo to kill squishy targets.

Keeping track of whats being used is so important.


If he has flash why are you close anyway whatface


I think remove is too much. Maybe rework it so basically when you roll it doesn’t reload the gun or maybe just reduce the damage output again


I was tilted like hell playing tank and getting stunned and rightclicked to death multiple times…

mcree puts out so much damage with right click.
But again, reaper is super annoying, almost impossible to kill at times…

i guess its just the nature of this game…


It’s only instant death if you’re stupid enough to get that close or not hear his loud-ass boots when he’s flanking you.

Also, widow and hanzo can one-shot at literally any range, but you seem to be fine with that.