Rendering device lost (May 2018)


@Sapulidi Dude I just want to thank you for being so “on” this; very helpful. Hope its still working for you… now, time for me to go down the list


Thank you! I actually have something to add here. I swapped out my GTX1080 for a 1080ti which I watercooled with an AIO solution (nzxt Kraken g12 + corsair cpu cooler, note: not all of those will fit)…

My system had been running stable ever since my last posts about this issue but after changing the cooling on the GPU the problems came back. After a long period of troubleshooting I found the solution.

My GPU temperatures were fine, no hotter than 65c under load. So I did all the troubleshooting I had been doing in this thread but nothing worked. After days I decided to remount the AIO cooler and I noticed tiny stroke on my gpu where the thermal paste had no connection. So actually, this tiny part of the GPU was not properly cooled though temperature software told me all was fine.

I reapplied thermal paste and made sure it covered the entire GPU. Problems have been gone for months.

I am now very confident the ‘rendering device lost’ issue is 1 of 2 things:

  1. A driver issue, and if that didn’t help for you, imo all other ‘fixes’ are irrelevant;
  2. A hardware issue
    • Your losing connection because your PCIE slot (riser cable or the slot/mobo itself) can’t keep up with the bandwidth (either to high or too low). Change PCIE mode to gen2, or try a different pcie slot if you have one (maybe try your gpu in a different pc).
    • You have to check your GPU because there might be something wrong there. I would recommend to check your GPU’s thermal paste and reapply that first.

Good luck to all still experiencing this issue!


[Same issue with the rendering device MSINFO