Report system IS A FAILURE!

I think the report system needs to be overlooked. When u report someone for obvious misbehavior, and NOTHING happends feels kind of weird. BUT if 5 ppl decides to report someone for something, lets say abusive chat, and that person has done NOTHING, the account get banned or warned etc. Why? How come? Is there and algoritm for automatic dealing with reports?` How come u cant review the so called " evidence"? What are the report actions based at? Cheaters, toxic behaviour, leavers, throwers/ derankers needs to be delt with.

“nothing happens”.

That is a misnomer. Plenty happens. But if they have only been reported by you, and do nothing for hundreds of games (obviously an exaggerated example), what do you expect to happen to them.

You CANNOT be banned, suspended or whatever because 5 people in 1 game decided to report you.

If you are getting reported frequently in many games, and then 5 people in 1 game report you, there is a small chance it could tip the scales. But it would be nothing more than a coincidence. You want to review the evidence? If you can’t remember what you are saying, maybe just record your sessions and watch it back.

All of those miscreants you list at the end are dealt with. Some just take a little more time and processing.

It’s a complete failure. My 3 have reported a completely inactive mercy for ‘inactivity’ and saw no punishment.

In a competitive game, if someone is reported ONCE for inactivity, and the stats backed it up - they healed for absolute zero for ten minutes, they should immediately be suspended.

Just because you weren’t told of punishment, doesn’t mean there wasn’t one.

If that Mercy did that in one game (maybe for semi valid reasons, who knows), and then played normally after, they probably would never get looked at.

No they shouldn’t. And stats are not really use for proving anything.

Healing for 0 in a 15 minute game and you say they may be valid reasons.

It should be a suspension. You get suspended for accidentally disconnecting x times. but not for deliberately throwing in a way that is 100% able to be automated (they healed for z e r o)


Support not healer, you can just DPS as Zen, not heal and carry games. Value isn’t always the stat you think.

I’m sure if they were 100% inactive and didn’t get suspended it’d because they’ve not done it before and not done it since. So they must of had a valid reason their end.

Getting tilted about it won’t help you. If you’ve reported, you’ve done all you can, you just need to refocus and crack on. If you get tilted you’ll just impact your own performance, and you might as well be afk yourself.

I’ll elaborate:

Zero damage
Zero healing
Definitely running around avoiding enemies
Definitely typing and apologizing for losing
Definitely reported at least 3x
Definitely not suspended for doing that in a comp game

I am not tilted. I have 1500 hrs and this is my first post on these forums in 6 years.
I’m sad that this game is unloved, unrespected and abused, when there are easy solutions to be implemented. (I’m actually astounded they aren’t)

You’re complaining. The tilt might be slight, but it’s there.

If youve reported you job is done.

Nothing else for you to do. If they are doing it deliberately, then you’ll never see them again anyways.

I’d worry about your level 1 endorsement as that is why I mentioned keeping the tilt in check. That would imply your reported more often than you think.

Report system seems to work, even though it’s lazy. If someone misbehaves, I report, and get the report message the next time I login.

I haven’t played on this account since the endorsement system was implemented.

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Because it’s an automated system.
If X reports are made in Y time, it triggers an automated warning.