Reporting all smurfs as gameplay sabotage

I see. Well, those always end in a sandbox fight.

Sorry but that’s a heavy moot point. Heroes definitely get balanced, without a doubt. How effective the balance is, that’s another question.

Which kind of smurfing? Genuine alt accounts or downrankers? They have no problem with genuine alt accounts because they still play by their rules (no gameplay sabotage). Downrankers are the problem but there isn’t a system that deals with them effectively without collateral damage. Just like the leaver problem, each Idea had a flaw that would make break the game. It’s not like blizzard wants downrankers. They simply have no choice right now.

Well, that was the obvious answer full of wholes because, by that logic, no sport should be competitive because all of them became a sport with enough money put into it. What I’m interested is what you think when a game can be competitive.


Well, yes and no, i mean if the balance is still mediocre, i think is pretty much useless that you took a full year to rework something that still does not fit the game you have created.

Theres no practical difference, alt account serves what purpose exactly ? Its not a fighting game where you need months to learn a character, ow chars are pretty much plug and play, just look around for good spots and you are good to go, unless you need to plat for the OWL, in that case i would understand, but for regular online playing, 3-4 accounts just prooves you are naive AF

Except a few ones like pubg or fortnite, every game can be competitive, the quality of the competition is another story. In OW due to the bad design of most heroes, the competition is mediocre.


There are practical reasons though. A genuine alt account gets placed by MM in it’s proper MMR / SR in around 10 Matches, just like any other main account. It allows you to learn new heroes in a suitable environment. Let’s say a Diamond Mercy main want’s to learn Genji and, for flex reasons, D.Va and Ana. They suck at them so MM places them in rank Silver. However, they don’t have an easy time because their lacking skill with such heroes makes the opponents equally challenging.

A downranker, however deliberately plays terrible to manipulate their MMR in a negative way so they get placed in a rank way below their actual rank. Now they stomp every bronze player out of malicious joy.

It is important to differentiate between those two smurfs because, while one means no harm at all, the other one is ruining the game for everyone else.

How does the “bad design” (a moot point) of most heroes make the competition mediocre? More importantly, when does competition have good quality?


Thats not an easy answer, i would say play the game to make yourself aware about what i’m talking about, when you play against some meta stuff, you feel handicapped if you do not adapt to that meta, and that feels boring and depressing.


Playing the game myself would only form a biased opinion based on how I see competitive play but you gave a decent hint right there: Meta.

Basically, having a Meta, the “absolute best strategy”, removes one of many aspects of competitive sports: Strategy making. Overwatch is a fast paced game so, in order to make it a competitive game, mechanical skill and real time strategy making are the key komponents to have a quality tournament. A meta, however, replaces the real time strategy making because that one and only strategy works any time.

I personally don’t watch competitive games because, well, I never was a fan of watching people play sports. However, I see Meta’s as a game killer in Overwatch which need to be eliminated. In order to do that as well as possible, the game needs more heroes so a hero ban system can be added, restricting players from playing a meta and thinking outside the box.


This is pretty much sad to read. You are actually trying to say, what ?

Meta comps, you said yourself, that you rarely play comp, so you are not getting to meet a lot of Meta comps. You make an argument that all 29 heroes play the same, unlike your fighter games, where every character is obviously so different. Except they litterally have the same amount of attack and defense capabilities and only really have different abilities linked to the same buttons of the other characters. There is a bigger difference between Tank/Healers/DPS, than Fighter hero games having mostly the same kicks, strikes and blocks and a single different ability.

The only times, where it is different, is a game like smash that has so many characters.

Other things

  1. I am Danish, aka English is not my first language.

  2. I have no alt accounts that is not master or more, depending on decay.

  3. Calling me a kid, when you are bad at the game, spend a sh*t ton of time on it and cry and whine everywhere on the forums about anything that is not the only hero you play and that every other meta DPS is OP. You are triggered. Go outside, find some other hobby to pursue, you are so illogical in your arguments, that others are calling you out for saying one thing in a comment and the opposite in the next.

  4. Even if you did not lose your games in your placement matches, you would have gained 0 SR more, more than likely, SR wins and losses in placements means nothing, it is your performance in the placement matches that matter more than the wins…


Except it isn’t wrong, and you forgot the important words in my opinion.

Game design wise, you balance for those who can actually play the game, not those that can’t or require a crutch. You can never, ever tweak a skill curve to appeal to everybody, never unless you want to homogenise everything to the point of this is pointless.

You cite Mercy as an example, yet look at the complaints from people wanting Mercy to be viable everywhere. She can’t be. Furthermore, given that there are skill ceilings and skill floors, when you take individual skill into account and you try to multi-balance? Yeah, you’ll end up with hero’s who are fine in one tier and not in the other.

What do you do at that point? Balance for the highest tiers.


Has 4 accounts

says others to go outside.

Welcome to blizzard forums where people can act like underaged morons, and nothing happens


Sorry, but the OP is right.

If you can report inactive players for sabotaging, and if some even report people for “not playing the right hero” or “refusing to switch”, then smurfing is definitely a way worse offense which requires full Blizzard attention.

It’s done by utterly selfish people who only ruin the game for other paying customers. I guess their ego need that boost in game that they can’t get in real life, or something like that, but it doesn’t excuse the behavior.

Those guys are the typical bullies, hiding in games so they don’t have to suffer the real life consequences for their behavior. In other words, they are cowards.


Now people who are good at games are bullies? Damn must by in a wrong universe.

Yes op is right, just report everyone who beats you, like in 1 out of 1000 cases his going to be a real smurf so i understand and its justified.


I mean i get this but still. Last 2 season are a total pain in high rank up to the point that i had to take breaks thanks to how stale and controlled the meta is… and ofc balanced around having as many casuals as you can get in GM… like GM atm and since 1 year agol is a total joke that everyone can hit just from grinding on consistent heroes. And that’s my main problem with this game atm… The pure consistency some heroes lay down in the game without any mechanical skills.

Like Overwatch is an unplayable FPS and the most easy moba game you can play atm…


You seem to have the wrong idea. Smurfs is a word for a second account. People who derank to ruin low games on their smurfs are terrible yes and they are punished by blizzard. You can´t be punished for being better at the game and having to get your way up in ranks from scratch, whether you have another account or not.

There is nothing wrong with normal smurfing, the only kind that is wrong is if you purposefully throw games to stay in that rank. Overwatch is by far the least smurf infested game there is and i can prove why.

  1. The game is still high priced, unlike F2P games and the cheap ones like CS. It isn´t F2P, yes i already mentioned the cost, but remember other F2P games have huge issues with new accounts being made, that often use hacks, cheats or other things. Overwatch has none of these issues. Barely any.

  2. The game doesn´t reset your rank each season, so a smurf will stay high ranked as soon as he gets higher ranked. He will be banned/punished if he purposefully throws to lower his rank again as well. In other games you start from scratch each season and have to batter sh*t players every single season to get to the high ranks.

  3. Blizzard has shown rather steep punishments for doing things that are not allowed by their TOS, or said directly by them. This is not even debateable compared to other games, overwatch has no cheaters at all, prob very hardly linked with how strict they did their first ban clears etc. This means that the only ones making new accounts are usually people wanting to follow the rules and play the game, they have no interest in doing bad “smurfing”, cause that will get you punished. But having an alt account, no matter what is not a ban able offense.

might i add, that every time you report a smurf for gameplay sabotage, that is actually a false report. Meaning that you are completely at fault for getting banned for false reporting people, which we have seen happen before.


[quote=“Wickedlike-2109, post:253, topic:12868, full:true”]

Now people who are good at games are bullies? Damn must by in a wrong universe.[/quote]
I think you perfectly understood what I was saying, but you are just trolling either because you are a smurf yourself, or just because you’re on the Internet and logic doesn’t apply.
Good players aren’t bullies. Good players who get intentionally down ranked to feed their egos by steamrolling less skilled players are, though, because they only think about their own pathetic pleasure without challenge and they don’t care if they ruin those matches for the others.


Look… gameplay sabotage in this game is one thing and one thing only: throwing.


Because in order to “smurf”, players with new accounts would have to first sandbag themselves and prevent their own team from winning in competitive, which is throwing. This is already a reportable offense and it’s the best that can be done. No one can be punished for playing better than everyone else no matter how many accounts or what SR they have because that’s how the game is meant to be played. They can only be punished when caught in the act of de-ranking themselves. Because that’s the only time they are doing anything wrong.


Naa smufing is gameplay sabotage they trow to maintain rank then stomp to boost their egos both are sabotaging the game


ye the matchmaking is 100% pointless with players doing smurf accs . ruin almost like 80% of my games.


Don’t blame the player blame the game, its not like they made any attempts of fixing matchmaking lately, don’t just abuse report system just cos you hate new accounts.


new accounts are fine, alt accounts are fine

but as soon as a new account who was previously playing a hero E.G rein, and was loosing mildly switches to genji or tracer and starts kerb stomping my entire team, they are a smurf, and they are sabotaging the game, and deserve to be reported and banned


This why elo hell kind of exist smurfs are filling low elo ranks and you get atleast 1 smurf per game if not multiple i admit when i was good at this game in season 6 i would smurf and play with my low elo friends and we played around 20 games i dropped a single game out of the 20 and it was because the enemy team had 3 gm smurfs its really hard for a real platinum player to change the direction of the game


they can be acting like they’re really bad and keep missing every shot how are you going to report them you can’t report someone just because he is bad