Revert hitscan nerfs (Pharah/Mercy every game)

I’ve played a couple of games today where Pharah/Mercy will fly so high or so far off the map (Lijiang Tower) that hitscan do hardly no damage at that range, also Pharah Mercy every game is boring.

I fail to see how Pharmercy can be that big of a problem if they are that far away. Sure, Pharah has no fall off damage but it’s a lot harder to hit the target when she’s miles away. As long as hitscan dps players can aim and at least apply some pressure I don’t think Pharmercy is that strong. I’d suggest nerfing Mercy’s right click before anything else.

If they are up there, they will be doing very little as you can just avoid the rockets either by moving (as they are slow) or by playing the map “better”… Using cover and LoS.

whenever you see pharmercy, just switch to mercy and boost your soldier…
or if you are dps, switch to soldier and ask healer to boost/pocket you.
proving very effective every single time I do it.

All fairly sensible suggestions.

I’d say the best at heroes to pressure pharmercy are actually D.Va and Echo.

Play a more dive based comp… Ball, D.Va, Echo, Tracer, Brig, Zen and pharmercy isn’t going to get much value against that.

Or go rush and roll the 4 on the ground on a 6v4.

You don’t have to “counter” something by going directly for it.