Rismatched Rank (?)

Olá. Gostaria de saber qual foi o motivo pelo qual a minha classificação caiu. Tive as 5 vitórias necessárias para poder subir de classificação e desci de ouro 4 para prata 1. Isto no modo de Tanque. No modo de Suporte também baixou de ouro 4 para prata 1 no final da temporada sendo que não concluí o numero de partidas suficientes para ter uma nova classificação. Jogo overwatch desde o ano que saiu e não acho que seja uma má jogadora a nível de não obter uma melhor classificação. Já a minha parceira criou conta e começou a jogar este ano conseguiu entrar logo na sua primeira classificação com platina 3. Sinto que estou presa a uma classificação antiga, desde a época que comecei a jogar e gostaria que resolvessem esta situação de alguma forma. Não estou satisfeita com esta situação, não é normal. Agradeço desde já que me ajudem a resolver este problema.

Hi. I would like to know what was the reason why my rating dropped. I had the 5 victories needed to be able to rank up and I dropped from gold 4 to silver 1. This in Tank mode. In Support mode, it also dropped from gold 4 to silver 1 at the end of the season, as I did not complete enough matches to have a new rank. I’ve been playing overwatch since the year it came out and I don’t think I’m a bad player at the level of not getting a better rating. My partner, on the other hand, created an account and started playing this year and managed to enter her first rank with platinum 3. I feel that I am stuck in an old rank, since the time I started playing and I would like to have this situation resolved somehow. I am not satisfied with this situation, it is not normal. Thank you in advance for helping me to solve this problem.

Every season your rating decays or you lose some part of it

The devs said that they would get rid of rank decay last season though. So who knows what’s going on

I could be wrong but I thought development team meant that they would get rid of the massive decay that was happening each season .so probably small decay will still happen .

I’m not sure. They just said that they’d get rid of rank decay between seasons, but in this case it only matches up if the op had more than 5 losses when the season changed.

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:thinking: that could also be a factor that they lost majority of their 5 matches in start of season

And if they’re relatively around the same skill as their partner, then they should at least be in gold once they win a few sets.